04/25/22 | Catherine Johnstone

HUGE and they really do love it

Check the dimensions to be sure you have adequate space - it really is XXL. The cats Iove it!

02/22/22 | John Swainson

Love it!

Our cat Mr Bojangles absolutely loves this and he runs up it and plays with the dangly feathers! The dog finds it interesting too and its really reignited the fun and games between them.

02/06/22 | N Martin


This pole seemed good at first; however, within just a few days of very little use it became very wobbly.At first I thought it was just a question of tightening up the screw but it made no difference.I then realised that a whole piece of the platform (a rectangular piece that seemed to have been glued to the platform and on which the pole sits) had come off completely.The only way to fix it was by screwing this piece to the base with several screws.The material of the base is very flaky though.

12/09/21 | Jacob

Love it!!

It’s HUGE, it’s CHUNKY and I LOVE it! (Never mind the cat!). Be sure you are aware of how big it is, I didn’t get the measuring tape out, so I was caught off guard with its size. It’s well made, nice fabric, and the attached toys are nice. The fat mousey is cute.

11/15/21 | Isabelle

Amazing! Cat loves it

It looks bigger than I thought it would look like but super happy with it because my big cat (6kg) who likes to climb can finally climb a "tree" indoors. She will scratch it, jump on it after running and climb to the top occasionally. To my surprise, she can also stand on the soft top. Very well worth the money!

08/13/21 | Heather


My Maine Coon Stringer definitely approves even though he is 13 years old he is still playful. This will stand up to his big strong claw sand he can’t pull the post along the floor as it is heavy. I’m a happy owner.

05/09/21 | Nic

Fun for Everyone for six long years!

Had this for six years and coming back on here to buy again as the sisal is only now coming off. Not bad going considering three big cats have been using it daily.

03/04/21 | karen jamieson

Great chunky cat scratch post

As my Maine coon is fast approaching 3 years old and is a considerable size he needed a better scratch post.This fits the bill perfectly, sturdy enough for him to have all four claws on it,for my Ragdoll to run up it and the kitten to sit on top of it,good value for money and the added toy is dangling a welcome bonus,easy to put together, definitely recommend this product

12/27/20 | Leanne Mcmullen

Best tall scratching post!!

My Mainecoon loves this post. I bought it for Christmas and she hasn't left it alone since. Definitely worth the money.


Base faulty...almost killed my kittens!

My new 10 week old kitten and 5 month old kitten launched at the pole and the 3cm hole gave way and the top just toppled away from the base. the kittens went flying. Fortunately they fell forward with the pole, if one had been on the other side he would have got squashed. The base is made of chipboard, and the board had just crumbled and shattered on the top, under the covering...you can feel large lumps under the fur. Underneath is not so bad. Very POOR QUALITY, or faulty. BE WARNED, DANGEROUS

11/12/20 | Claire

Instant hit!

Surprised by the quality of this post for the price, it’s size is huge, heavy and sturdy, toys attached are lovely, my cat couldn’t wait for me to even put it up and was clinging on as I was putting it together! My little one has been running up and down it since it was up!

09/11/20 | Adam

Is big.

Had this for several months now and it's been great. Even the bigger cat can stretch out as much as they want on it. While the smaller ones love to climb up to the top.

08/03/20 | Rachel

Looks amazing, falling apart after 3 weeks ☹️

Hadn’t realised how big this was, when I first got it I thought it was awesome!! Got a friend to buy one aswell... 3 average size cats, and 3 weeks later the sisal’s coming off... it’s not going to last them 6 months... really disappointed, baring in mind I bought this £42 post to replace the £14 Olga that lasted over 3 years!!


Great scratching & climbing post!

Got this as the kitten scratching post was getting too small. It’s perfect! Pretty big, but large enough so our cat can climb up and down it and perch on top. He loves to chase a feather up and down if we run it on the post. Really good quality, I’m very impressed! p.s. it took our cat a few days to get used to it but he prefers it over his old post now!

05/16/20 | Di Pascal

Superb scratching post!

This was delivered in just 2 pieces, so relatively simple to put together! (my hands don't work well, and I live alone, so ideally get someone else to help as the base is VERY heavy.) It's quite magnificent, very sturdy and great VFM. Bonnie is half Maine Coon, so many posts are way too small, but this is a challenge for her! Highly recommended.

04/27/20 | E.Alainis

Extra large scratching post

Had this nearly a year now and still looks new and I've got 2 mainecoons and 2 british short hair cats. So 4 very big cats. Going to order another to replace other smaller scratch posts from a different supplier/ make that dont last longer than 3 months before looking shabby.

04/09/20 | Janice

Quality of product changed

I bought this scratchpost once before in 2016.. it was amazing.. took the weight of a 10kg Mainecoon no problem and lasted until early 2020 with constant use from 7 cats small to large.. I have purchased it again in 2020, the price was £46.99 (now showing at £39.99 again).. the post is thinner, the sisal ropes are also thinner and not wound as tight so it is showing signs of wear and tear already, this time only my own 5 smaller cats using it.. there is gaps between the rope binding too..

12/30/19 | Valerie Batty

Especially for the little climber in your life

It's big and takes some hefting to move for the cleaner, but it keeps junior happy so that's all that matters. He can jump to the top from standing and give the sides a pounding with his claws. What you might call a howling success.

11/02/19 | Maria

Tall and sturdy scratch post

The best scratch post I’ve purchased. My dexter climbs and sits at the top. Cookie uses it as scratch post. Strong and sturdy product. I’ve had it 2 years and it’s still wearing well.

10/27/19 | Sarah Horne

Huge!! But awesome!

Pay attention to the dimensions! At 56cm tall and 11kg, it’s a tower! I paid no attention to the dimensions and had a good laugh when I realised how gigantic this was. It would suit a lion or tiger! Our cat wasn’t sure about it, so it now lives in a friend’s house. His cat loves it, launches himself at it and climbs to the top! 😻 So it’s definitely a success! 😊😻