11/06/21 | Noel

Stopped eating

Suddenly decided he didn’t want it


Hairball and coat

I have a very fussy cat and does not like to be brushed, these biscuits stops sickness due to hairballs

02/10/21 | Dan

Top nosh

I see other people have fussy cats. Mine didn't seem to notice the formula change, and I've never once seen a hairball pop out of his mouth hole. If they could design a variant that stops clag getting caught on the coat on the way out, then they'd be on to a real winner.

01/16/21 | MaggieMay

Pointless formulatin change

My cats loved the old Hairball Control - it had large moist pieces. Now it has been changed to small drier pieces they won’t touch it and I have two unused bags I will have to throw away.

04/24/20 | Chris Balfe


Why, why, why do companies insist on fixing things that are not broken? Hill's 'improved' this product, but like so many 'improvements' this has actually resulted in the product taking a step backwards. Whereas my three cats liked the taste and shape of these, since the 'improvement' they won't touch it. So, I ask again, why fix something that isn’t broken?

01/09/17 | Jen

Highly recommend!

Excellent product & very tasty for both cats!

01/08/17 | Larinda

no more hairballs

My cat has a thick coat, in spite of regular combing she constantly threw up hairballs. Since using science plan science plan hairball control 5 yrs ago all the hairball problems have stopped. It has completely worked on my cat, and the cat loves it.