07/10/21 | Michelle Jeavons

French Bulldog = hardly any flatulence

Swapped my girl onto this. She loves the fish flavour. Hardly any wind on this one, which is amazing with a FB. Her coat is looking great and she’s happy & healthy on it. Did a lot of research into grain free etc, and this isn’t full of nasties. I’ve had my cats on Purizon fish flavour for quite a few years now. Wouldn’t change as happy with it for all of them.

05/31/21 | Georgi K Vasilev

Excellent food

Purizo Fish Adult is a carefully balanced grain free food with an array of specially selected fish.Our dog love it.

05/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My boubou LOVES it !!!

My french bulldog loves it !!! He digests it really well


High quality dry food

Very good list of ingredients, my Shepherd - Husky - Lady loves eating it and the food really agrees with her. It smells very fishy, which is just what you want from this type of food. The round, flat, roughly 1cm large pieces are not too hard and are working great (for now) as a treat during training. Definitely recommended for fish loving four legged friends.


Favourite food

Whenever I serve Purizon Fish, there's smiles all round! My dog loves it, I like the ingredients, both thumbs up!

01/22/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

The dog loves it!

Our dog loves Purizon Fish. A wonderful purchase, not a crumb is wasted!

01/19/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

From Barf to Purizon

Purizon has exceeded our expectations. We are a pack of until recently 4, currently 2, healthy adult dogs. Since Barf has proven very difficult to integrate into our lifestyle, I have been looking for alternatives. Purizon has gone down very well, despite the peas. Glowing coats, outstanding muscle tone, a healthy figure, plenty of energy, vitality, and lots of compliments from the vet. Love it!



I give this to my two dogs (Bull-terrier) one neutered female and one male, both are in great shape, beautiful coat, healthy droppings and no gas or bloating. I am very happy!

11/26/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


The ingredients and recipe are a cut above the rest in this price category. A lot more salmon oil which is a sure sign of quality. My dogs love this food. In a head to head with other brands (Bosch, Royal Canin, Josera) they all go towards this one instinctively!!! I will definitely be ordering again!


Great as a training snack

We bought two 1 kilo bags to try out for our lady at home. She loves her fish and this has gone down a treat, so much so that she will even eat it as a reward. Good thing the kibble is smaller, the extra treats won't show up around the waist ;-)