02/09/22 | Kp

Poor packaging

My dog really likes it but how can u pack animal food like that!?!? Leaking all over the box


Sardines not for us

No issues with packaging or delivery. Our Collie likes fish unless its sardines as we have now found out.

12/21/20 | Sue Laughlin


My greyhound absolutely loves fish so bought this as to give him some variety with his usual packs. However, many of the packs were poorly sealed, the food seemed particularly "wet" and turned to mush in his bowl. He was not impressed. I tried mixing with kibble to give a bit more substance but to no avail.

12/15/20 | Soo Dean

Tasty alternative

I’ve had two of these boxes now, without incident - and my dog loves the fish flavours and I feel sure that all those fish oils must be good for and ring the changes from the meat variety.

11/09/20 | Helen tomasso

Damaged packaging

First order arrived all split and leaking zooplus replaced all the order as I couldn't tell which ones were leaking second order arrived same thing happened had to bin all the order again this time asked for refund have had the meat pack which arrived with no problems


Poorly sealed packs

Had to dispose of he entire pack as majority were not sealed and leaked all over each other. Meat had turned. Informed customer services and received a full refund.


Dogs love it

My dogs love this and they look absolutely fabulous on it. Everybody comments on how well my dogs look. They are fed half their diet on this and half on a kibble. I have never had any problems with the delivery or the quality of the food.

10/02/20 | Stuart Leslie Willson

Poor Packaging on product - product was not sealed

Had to dispose of all of the food trays when the delivery arrived as they had not been sealed properly and were leaking within the Forthglade packaging - when I rang customer services they told me that they were aware of the issues with the packaging - offered a full refund - but be aware when buying this product