06/07/22 | Zuzanna K

Best kibble for very large dogs!

My rescue American Bulldog is thrilled with this food. Always licks the bowl clean; he tends to be fussy but he loves this food, and the size of kibble means he must chew his food rather than inhaling it. His coat is great, and we have had no gastrointestinal upsets since starting him on RC. I feed this along with some bits of raw meat as toppers and enrichment, and will continue to do so for every dog I own!

10/23/20 | Tracy Williams

Food for Great Dane's

My Great Dane Bella can't wait to open her food bag when it arrives she loves it so much.


Kibble too big for a fast eater

I have been feeding Royal Canin to my Newfoundlands through all their life stages for over 15 years now and they are doing very well on it. However, I just started to feed my 20month-old Newfoundland on Giant Breed and the very large kibble gives him bad indigestion as he eats rather fast and doesn't chew very well. Soaking the food doesn't work because the kibble doesn't absorb water very well.

06/01/20 | Chris B

Ideal for Bullmastiffs

This was suggested by his breeder, and a friend who fed his Great Dane on it to a record age. We used puppy, Junior and now adult, and he is in immaculate physical condition, a good lean 68kg. We sometimes slip in some Butcher’s Tripe to vary it.

11/20/19 | Myra Hopkins

Rottweiler and Company perfecto

I have always fed my dogs on RC and now with my Rottweiler it’s perfect, she loves it and looks brilliant on it and the bonus is straight to your door with no issues trying to lug giant bags of food.. zooplus is a great company albeit some things are maybe pricey but great quality all round and no issues with returns! Will always use zooplus and RC Giant ..


Fantastic product

Have fed seven Great Danes on this without problems. Only one had to be transferred onto another product because of sensitivity Would recommend this to anyone who owns a large breed

11/13/18 | originally published in bitiba.co.uk


Good service, good price. Our Newfoundland boy loves this food. Been using Bitiba a few years now.....never disappoint.

03/24/18 | originally published in bitiba.co.uk


The only dog food that suites our Alaskan malamute. We’ve tried others in the past but always go back to this and will not be changing again. Great price, fast delivery and kept well informed throughout by Bitiba. Will be ordering from here again.

03/22/18 | originally published in bitiba.co.uk

pyr dog food

very quick delivery. at a very good price, my babes are going love it


Royal Canin maxi adult

Best value on line.

10/08/17 | Feebie


I have rescued Great Danes for over 20 years and there is no food better than Royal Canin Giant. My dogs have never looked better, less visits to the vets and prevents bloat. I would highly recommend this product and is worth every penny.


Saw a Great Dane through to double figures

Fed my Great Dane this all his life, he made it to ten years old in good health to the end. Now feeding an Irish Wolfhound the same, again very healthy.

02/05/17 | Heather

Wouldn't recommend anything else.

I have fed my giant breed dog this food for 7 years. I wouldn't feed anything else.

08/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

...addicted to RC food

My three dogs are totally addicted to this food. I'm only giving this a rating of "good" because we use it in conjunction with Orijen. They don't exactly love it but they do finish their bowls. The only thing they like more is fresh meat. But I've been using RC Giant for over 10 years and my dogs find it really easy to process.

04/26/13 | Keith Osborne

All round 5* product

We have been buying Royal Canin Giant Adult for several months and find it perfect for our Bernese. Easy and clean to feed, an all round nutritious food and the large pieces encourage chewing rather than just swallowing!

09/10/12 | Klaudyna

A must buy!!

I've got Great Dane and I've been using Royal Canin products for a long time. It's the best dry food for giant dogs I've ever used - size is perfect and quality is amazing.

09/10/12 | Charlotte

Good but maybe a little too big?!

Now I do have a bit of a fussy great dane and I understand having the kibble big enables them to crunch and that's good for their teeth. But they are huge chunks! My Dane at first used to half eat them then spit them out! He's better now but still for a lazy giant maybe the kibble could be of mixed sizes so mix it up a bit?! Or just a little smaller. He looks well on the food and has always been a little fussy, I think it's a great product for our giant friends just my Dane would perhaps prefer a variety of sizes or a bit smaller! He's always been on royal canin giant foods from puppyhood and has done beautifully on it.

08/20/09 | Pam

2 contented Newfies

Our rescue Newfies thrive. Our older one took a little persuasion to give up his cans and every now and again I slip a little into the water given with the food to make a gravy but his digestion is so much better as before he suffered badly. Our new Newfie settled into this food straight away. We have found after years of having Newfies that the 'smells' omitted have virtually gone and much less mess to clear up. Brilliant food recommended by a breeder friend. Also good giving one or two bits as a treat or reward.

12/01/08 | Sue


I have a Newfie girl, the breeder recommended Royal Canine Giant, she has been great on it, always crunches each one, and licks the bowl clean.

08/30/08 | Mandy

Great Food for Great Danes

We were recommended RC G Adult when we collected our 'Dane' from a Dane rescue centre - they feed all their dogs on it and never have digestive problems with it. We've now had our girl for 3 years and once, when stocks ran out (and before we ordered via the internet!) we had to use another, well-known and considered similar brand. Well, I can tell you she loved to eat it just as much but the after effect - boy, our dog could be a new secret weapon it was so obnoxious. Once back on the Giant Adult the problem stopped - this food is brilliant!

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