03/11/17 | Amber & Leopold

Good kibble for most dogs.

On &off for the past 10yrs I've alternated our rescue German shepherds food between James wellbeloved &Arden Grange. Purley due to a combination of variety special offers at the time on the above brands .I found the Arden to be good but made her coat very oily due to high chicken oil in the food but the wellbeloved didn't make her skin too oily ,but its higher it seems these days in rice a slight change I think in its content from a few years back .the only issue I have with the wellbeloved food is they add sodium chlorhide as a salt that makes most dogs really woof up .some reviews say its best avoided . I think its good to keep a balance with any dogs diet as with anything or anyone variety is always good .I find the wet pouch food a good topper to both our dogs wellbeloved kibble & must say ours are sensitive dogs and both do very good NO2s which is really good not too bulky or mushy and shiny Coats to match . So I feel this food suits many different dogs of different sizes &breeds and those it doesn't suit must be extremely sensitive indeed if they can't tolerate this kibble .the rice content is fine with most dogs and like I said above it doesn't hurt to give your best buddy a meaty topper or added bit of meaty extras to boost your dogs Meat content too. Plus few days a week I give purely forthglade alone wet tray food a break from dry .I buy here on zooplus as with the above kibbles zooplus do very good deals that keep us coming back for our doggy dinner deals .including time to time a bag of cold pressed nature nah Markus muhule.but only one of my dogs can tolerate that so it's a once in a while treat to give her that variety . The above is our good all rounder for both dogs so Thanks zooplus for your great offers and savings . Woof woof 🐾🐾

Perfect for our Whippet

Our 18 month old whippet loves this food. Zooplus sell it at a great price and delivery is quick
06/09/15 | Sarah

works for us

Our vet recommended this to us our Weimaraner with his super-sensitive stomach got diarrhea from grain free kibble. I was a bit skeptical due to the high rice content, but it works (alongside probiotics). Also, our Weimi loves this food, and so does his picky friend the poodle!

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