Change of formula

My two dogs used to love this food but since the change of formula will not touch it now. They suffer from digestive issues so will now need to see what else is on the market.
04/22/20 | Maria

Great for our dog with Lupus

Our dog was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 4. We were told that she would Most likely have a shortened lifespan due to this. Vet recommended we put her on this as she has problems digesting food. She’s now 12 years old (+2 more years then we expected) and still going strong!!!! This food has definitely helped so we are v v v grateful to Hills for making this.
10/22/19 | Maria

Excellent food for my dog with digestive problems

Excellent food for my dog with digestive problems
10/24/18 | Melanie Rose

Fantastic product and great service from Zooplus!

Vet prescribed this for our doggy after 2 years of intermittent diarrhoea and vomiting due to stress from moving house. Vet diagnosed possible IBS. Our dog had lost so much weight. Within weeks of starting on this food we saw a huge improvement. He has been on this for nearly a year and we've only had one episode of vomiting - but that was due to him eating something whilst out walking. Service from Zooplus is brilliant. The longest we have ever had to wait for our order is 4 days.
06/15/17 | Suzanna

New formula doesn't work

This food has been improved with a new formula and my german shepherd doesn't want to eat it at all. She loved the old one but not this. :-( She has intestinal problem and she can't it anything else. I am going to try the wet food and I hope she will eat that one. If she won't, I need to say goodbye to Hills, talk to my vet and find a new brand. :(
05/04/15 | Bill Parkes

Hills id

My dog has a problem and this food is the only food she can eat, and is the solution for her. When the well wrapped parcel arrives it has only taken a couple of days which shows great service.
12/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Hill´s Prescripition Diet Canine i/d

My dog had very serious stomach and intestinal problems. My vet sold me the food initially, and I'm very happy with it. Now I always get it from zooplus and since we've had it there have been no problems.
08/01/14 | Trish

Excellent food

Recommended for my golden retriever with colitis, within a few weeks no further problems. Just beware it does cause weight gain when feeding recommended amount so adjust accordingly to resolve issue. Have been using for 2 years a not looked back.
07/23/14 | originally published in zooplus.es


My dog had vomiting or diarrhoea for three days. We used this a couple of times and it's completely cut the diarrhoea. It's great.
05/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

very good

Excellent product, my dog is much better with his stomach problems since I've been feeding him this.
05/02/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

protein malabsorption

I was advised by my vet to use this food. My Lola (13 years old) began to be dehydrated and shed skin. After blood tests she was diagnosed with protein malabsorption. After a week on i/d her stools were back to normal and after a month she was totally back to normal.
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


My dog was recovering from a severe form of pancreatitis, and this dry food and the Royal Canin one are the only foods that she could eat without the danger of relapse. She likes to have variety so I feed her both.
02/22/14 | lee ashford

fanfastic food

This food was recommended for my husky after having quite a bad stomach upset, we tried lots of high end foods, as he had always been on a good diet but still the symptoms remained. After only a few days on I/d the change was immense. We tried switching over to another high end product that our other husky is on but found the symptoms came back. Despite I/d receiving low marks on the which dog food site, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. And the zooplus site is the cheapest site I've seen it on.
02/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

no more problems

Since our Beagle has been eating this food, he has barely any stomach and intestinal problems. It was a great recommendation from our vet and we'll be sticking to this food in the future.
01/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Stomach and intestine problems

We're very pleased with this dry food specifically for diarrhoea and dodgy tummies. It was recommended to me by a vet and our 2 year old Sheltie Luna loves it. She also gets one meal a day of Hills i/d. The smell of the dried food I actually find quite pleasant and neutral, so I always keep some in my treat bag.
02/12/13 | Mary Scanlon

best dog food ever used.

my springer spaniel had an operation over 2 wks ago, our vet gave us a free sample of this food and i have to say it is nothing short of a miracle the way she has improved on this food. She got over her op much quicker, her overall health has improved drastically and i have never seen her coat in such good condition. Unfortunately the price of it here in ireland is 75.00 euro which is far too expensive for me, but to anyone who can afford it i can only say put you dog on this food.

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