10/18/20 | Peter Dodds

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

My lovely old Greyhound/Lab Bailey, developed arthritis in his hips a while ago. Whilst he was on a daily diet of Metacam and Gabapentin, he steadily lost weight and struggled with his usually enjoyable walks, frequently stopping and having a lie down. Three weeks ago, I introduced him to Luposan, to supplement his medication. The result has been amazing. He is bouncing around with renewed vigour, playing with doggie friends he was previously shunned, and doesn't act anything like his 13 years
08/19/20 | Sara-jane Rounds

Highly recommend!

This has been part of my Newfies diet for years and really enables her mobility and helped her when we thought she had OCD. Osteo-chrondritis-dessican. What may seem an initial expense cost isn’t at all...they love it and easy to apply and last for years...well worth every penny. It’s also good for my malamute as well and because it’s so versatile can be used at any meal time.
02/11/19 | Jane

Quick service dog loves the first dose

Hi I just wanted to say many thanks for the prompt service. Also I have given my dog a collie x springer her first dose of this product I was worried that she would leave her dinner as she is terrible for not taking her worming pills and we have to take her to the vets and they have a lot of difficulty also. but she gobbled her dinner up really quick. We look forward to seeing the results in a few weeks. Her legs have started to stiffen and the vet advised we try supplements.
04/16/13 | Lindsay

I'm convinced!

Our pup had started to limp sometimes after a walk so I bought Luposan in order to try and build his muscles. We have now been using it for 6 weeks and the difference is amazing. We let him off lead for the first time since starting using the 'Lupo', last night and he was racing around at high speed with no discomfort. we give him it wrapped in a slice of ham and it's his morning treat! Maybe not everyone has the same results but we are impressed!

Really good product

My small dog has Patella Luxation and I am feeding Luposan Joint Power Original for a year now. It's a great product to feed as a supplement. Would recomend it to anyone who has a dog with any kind of joint problem.
09/12/11 | sharon

bad joints turned good

my friends 10 year german sheperd has a whole load of joint problems but after putting lupo in her food it has improved her quality of life to no end :-)

Fit Again!

Our 11 old labrador was moving very slow and was obviously uncomfortable. After two weeks she was visibly better. Now she is on Luposan for several months and she runs like a young dog again! We are very happy to see her like that!
06/24/09 | Londoner


I 7 yr old rottweiler had major problems with her hind legs until recently when we started feeding her Luposan and since then she's seemed so much happier. Its really nice to see her like this again.
06/24/09 | Frank

he can run again!

Benno, my German Shepherd (9 yrs old) has had problems with his hips for around 2 years. We had to go for shorter and shorter walks and running clearly caused him pain. A mate recommended Luposan and within only a short while he was noticeably better. He even runs again. I just wish I knew about it earlier!

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