04/28/17 | Tyke


Purchased for our 25kg standard Bull Terrier. Extends and retracts smoothly and is easy to lock. Works perfectly with his Julius K9 harness and copes beautifully with his Bully runs. Found it to be a little heavy to hold but soon got used to it and am confident it would double as a miscreant-defence tool if necessary!
02/05/17 | Laura

Very good lead

Nice long lead, gives my dog plenty of space to run around while still having control, unfortunately didn't take him long to chew through it. Also like that it's reflective good for day & night walks.
02/05/17 | Mike

First retractable lead....

Never had a retractable type lead and just love it. Very well made piece of kit which works very perfectly and the spring is strong enough to take up any slack in the lead - therefore it does not drag on the ground or get near the dogs feet.. Also works well as a short lead with the locking mechanism. Only down side is that my lead only measures just over 7 metres so not as discribed. Should have brought the 10 metre version.
04/13/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

I love it

I bought this lead for my 25kg border collie cross breed and I love it! My dog can't run free sadly, so I was looking for a lead which was long enough to give him some freedom and stale but not too clunky. This hits just the spot :) + super stable + nice and light + fits nicely into the hand + the colour really stands out!
02/21/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good choice

My boxer mix has a shoulder height of 35cm and a weight of 12kg (more or less) When she's in hunting mode she develops an unreal amount of pulling power which no flexi line has been able to withstand yet. The colour is nice and bright, the weight makes the lead sit well in the hand, the length means my dog can explore the local greens and thickets without dragging me in behind her and the mechanism has held strong against all of her hunting efforts so far! Absolutely recommended!!!
01/29/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

A* lead - brilliant colour

I love it! The lead isn't too heavy and fits nicely in the hand. Rolling out, reeling in, and stopping it - all effortless thanks to the superior Flexi mechanism (cheap version lasted just over a year). The neon colour is great for visibility, so everyone can see the dog is attached to a lead (even cyclists going at full speed)
01/28/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


I got this as a gift and was pleasantly surprised at how good it feels in the hand and how light it is considering its length. The colour is brilliant (especially for cyclists) so no one can claim they didn't see the lead. Standard flexi quality, perfectly working mechanism and flawless finish. Highly recommened!
12/19/15 | originally published in zooplus.de


We bought this Flexi-Line for our 36kg Rhodesian Ridgeback while he was growing. I only use it on holidays where the dog has to be kept on a lead to give him more freedom. Also use it on beaches. No complaints so far, and would definitely buy it again.
11/06/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Nice, really visible

We've had the Flexi Neon-Line a while now and we all really like it. Especially in the winter months when it gets dark around five, it makes taking Momo out for a walk much easier and safer - it is very visible, and even more so when hit with light! I find it reels in nicely and feels good in the hand. Summary: great in the dark months to improve the safety of the dog and owner.

Superb lead

I am a repeat buyer of this lead and am always very satisfied. Good quality at a good price.
12/21/14 | Catherine

Strong, good quality item.

I used to be a bit sceptical about Flexi leads, but for anybody asking whether or not to purchase one I would now say go for it. They are really strong and well made, very easy to use and this size more than holds it's own with my large collie. It is really easy to control the dog on the end of it, and great for giving dogs who can't be let off lead for whatever reason a new sense of freedom, while still being firmly under control. The braking mechanism seems faultless. It's holds up to a strong pull without releasing and is easy to use. Would really recommend that you give it a try.
06/08/14 | Sandra B.

Perfect for those dogs who need to be kept on a lead

This is the second lead of this type that we have purchased. Great lead, well made and strong. This time round went for the reflective design. Our dog does not come to command and so a good way of her getting a run without the distress of her running off. The lead is not too heavy, comfortable to hold, very well priced and worth every penny for the peace of mind. I would recommend this item.

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