01/20/22 | Jaimie Wilson

Not safe for small dogs / chihuahuas

Both my chihuahuas escaped from this brand of harness which resulted in them running in the road. I would not recommend for a wriggler or dogs that react as if they wriggle to the side of the harness they can escape which is what happened to my two chihuahuas on separate occasions. Thankfully no harm came to my dogs.

07/13/21 | M Duffner


I felt it was too heavy on my dogs back and rough material I did not like the velcro chest tab, couldn't seem to get it just right. Ive since bought a softer padded fabric harness for my dog which he is happy to wear..

05/14/21 | Michael-Sean Quinn

Great bit of kit

Fits my little one perfect

10/27/20 | Sarah

Great if your dog pulls you but terrible if you need to pull him!

I was very impressed with this harness until I tried to get my 45kilo Rottweiler our the back seat of car. He just sits there and won’t budge so I went to pull him with the handle on the harness... came off straight over his head. Absolutely rubbish if you have to pull your dog and a definite design floor

10/17/20 | Ann

Comes off

I got a mini for my golden retriever 3-4 month old puppy and it comes off !! Won’t use it now . As happens every walk

09/11/20 | Jon Murray

Just about to get her a new one!

An excellent harness. Pepper, a 23kg Lab uses a size 0 and I am just reordering a new one after 4 years of use. It has worn out and she walks miles every day using it. 23 kg at 1 year and still the same at 5 !!

08/06/20 | Emma Opie

Amazing harness

Such a good harness. Stopped my dog from pulling and an amazing price. Delivery wasn’t long either.

02/27/20 | Alissa

Great Service & Fab Harness

I have a french bull dog who adores muddy walks so I frequently buy her new harnesses. This one is my favourite and my go to brand. She’s secure & comfortable. My harness was delivered in two days and is immaculate. I will for sure use Zooplus again for a speedy service and fantastic value for money.


Very Disappointed

I am extremely disappointed with the power harness purchased just before Christmas for my 30kg Golden Retriever. She has found a way of wriggling out, so it comes off over her head really easily. We have tightened it up as much as we can but it doesn't make any difference. We have had to purchase an additional piece of lead to attach to her other collar in case of an accident. Considering the cost of these harnesses I thought I wouldn't have any problems with this.

12/26/19 | Kate

Dangerous. They can escape

We had this for our 10 month old mini aussie. She walked backwards and managed to slip out if it and ran in the Rd in London on Christmas day which gave us a heart attack due to the cars. This is going in the bin where it belongs and I'm going to find a secure new harness first ghing. I definitely would no recommend this harness. I've spoken to a couple of ppl who have had the same experience, never again.

09/04/19 | Fraser Robertson

Harness is OK but could be better.

The chest strap has the 'Velcro' on the inside making it difficult to adjust whilst on the dog. The eyelet for attaching the lead ends up half way down the back of my Border Terrier.


Still pulls...and sore arms

Not managed to come out of the harness...still pulls..just does not hurt his neck like a normal collar would...made him sore on his front legs after a lot of running on the beach, which involved a trip to vet..and £70 treatment bill after it got infected..still use because hubby feels like it’s more secure than some we have tried.


Not impressed with this company

I purchased two pairs of the overpriced badges (rather than advertise the company) directly from their website. Postage cost was extortionate & only 1 pair of badges turned up. No word from the company; when contacted they said they had emailed to say there were out of stock (despite their website saying there were 2 in stock). They hadn’t emailed & I’m still waiting. I’ve got better harnesses for my small dog, the fabric is rather stiff. Not recommended

03/13/19 | Zoe


Received today 2 days after ordering .. Yodel messaged and provided tracking, parcel packed beautifully

02/10/19 | Wendy Dove

He escaped qwithin 10 minutes

We took our Border Terrier out for the first time in this harness, and he escaped within 10 minutes. Luckily he got tangled in the contraption and we managed to stop him running across the main road to get at another Dog. It should not be advertised as super safe.

10/02/18 | Y Thomas N Yorks

Fantastic product but learn how to fit it properly before using

Amazing. Comfortable, robust, breathable in hot weather, dry pretty quick, I m\c wash to keep clean. My dogs have had these since pups and are absolutely worth every penny! Just a word on fitting. The girth strap should be back towards where the dog's waist narrows NOT behind front legs. Fasten it behind the legs and not only can it chafe the skin, dogs can back out of or slide out when being picked up by the handle. At 35kgs my dogs need a secure harness for agility & lifting. this is it!

06/30/18 | Ann Morgan


Please diont buy these We bought 2 for our cavaliers whilst on holiday in wales straight awayone slipped his ! Then on way home both got one leg stuck in fact at one time was real emergency Ted couldn’t move and no where to stop I managed to loosen it while hubby driving ! Found somewhere to stop at last threw both in boot unpacked luggage to put old ones on !wasted £64 but could have lost our 2 believe bed Cavaliers

06/25/18 | Ann Morgan


Bought 2 of these on Friday for our Cavaliers First one pulled out of it then both have got one leg stuck in it when travelling awful experience on Saturday driving through Welsh mountains Ted had one leg stuck in it was so tight couldn’t stop had to lean over into back of car to undo it ! Wasted £64 but could have been worse could have lost our beloved dogs !

05/14/18 | Glenys Hutchinson

Both of our dogs escaped

We nearly lost one dog when he twisted out of the harness, pulled his collar off with it and raced away - lucky not near a road and we managed to get him back. Same experience with the other dog - they seem to twist and back out of these harnesses. We were concerned that we had bought one which was too small for them as they seemed tight but the dogs still got loose - now looking for a better harness to keep them safe.

05/10/18 | Mandi JT

Fantastic harness

Have just purchased a Julius K9 for our bulldog pup ... easy to fit, very comfortable for the pooch, highly recommended as very supportive, great value for money.