12/29/20 | Catalina


Its a perfect size placemat.

08/19/20 | Julie Cappiter-Dobson

Small Kitchen

Excellent, all 3 bowls fit on nicely, Charlies not messy with us having a small kitchen we would catch the bowls with our feet and food etc. would end up on the carpet not any more. Thanks


Perfect mats!

I have 2 of these and absolutely love them. They're super easy to clean, still look like new after months of use, and don't slide on the ground or allow food bowls to slide and spill. Highly recommend.

03/11/20 | Wendy George

Absolutely brilliant !

My six month old kitten has a mixed diet of wet and dry food but she likes to play with the dry food and whilst amusing to watch, she made an awful mess with it and I found it painful to stand on with bare feet! The small lip around this mat is perfect for containing food spills of any sort, its easy to wash & dry and she's quite happy eating off it. Would heartily recommend to anyone with a kitten, puppy or messy eater.