12/28/21 | Fran Low

My 20 year old lives on these :)

I used to purchase thrive treats & tried these in the hope of saving a little money - result, they much prefer these. I have six elderly cats & they love all the flavours except liver. My only fault is please stop the plastic pots. Really not necessary

12/21/21 | Chloé

Real treats for my cat

My 1yo cat absolutely love these! She comes running every time I go to take the box out of the cupboard. There is quite a lot too so great value

09/15/21 | Malgo


My cat is crazy about it! Highly recommend

07/05/21 | Minka's food supply

Picky carnivore adores them!

My once-feral feline friend is very choosy, wont eat anything with carbs or additives. Has been keeping the local rural rat population in check in exchange for freeze-dried heart. They don't smell as bad as other meaty treats either!

05/08/21 | Jay Hill

A firm favourite

I bought a tub not really expecting him to eat them as he generally doesnt like anything big or chunky. These have clearly been the exception to the rule as he comes running as soon as I shake the tub. I like that the pieces come in a nice mix of sizes. The remainder of our tub is being rationed carefully at the moment until they come back in stock. I will definitely be stocking up


Cats didn't eat them at all

We tried on a few occasions but the cats just won't touch them. I'm sure they just preferred unhealthy dreamies and can't get back into the healthy stuff again unfortunately.

02/22/21 | Anita


My cat loves it

02/02/21 | Claire

A success!

Both my kittens adored these on the first try and they can be picky. One loves dried beef liver (not the Wild Freedom brand) and the other doesn't. One will eat Dreamies happily and the other isn't bothered. Both love these so much they tried to get more out of the tub and then started playing with the internal seal that must smell of them. I would advise keeping the tub firmly sealed and out of reach!


Kittens love them!!!

My two kittens go crazy for these treats they love them! Really happy with the quality and consistency of them. Not too smelly and stay fresh in jar. They have to chew them as well so they aren't swallowed in one gulp like other treats.

12/09/20 | Lainy


My cat loves these. I'm not meant to give him dreamies due the vet saying he's fat so thought I'd try chicken hearts and he can't get enough of them. Good job I bought the saver pack which came with 3 tubs


Go down a treat

My two kittens were unsure at first but very quickly gobbled them up. Will buy again

11/10/20 | Amy

Perfect treat!!

My girl absolutely loves these. The chicken hearts & lamb lung are her favourite 😊


She loves them

My cat cannot get enough of these. Healthy snack, she can have anytime of the time of the day.

07/01/20 | Kirsty

My cats new favourite treat!

These are my cats favourite treats! There arnt many they like, or that I will give that dont contain nasties or grains. They are also not smelly like alot of other freeze dried products I have bought for them and these are at a decent price too😍👍🏼