07/11/22 | Rachel

The expert seems to like it

My girls love this it's obviously very comfortable judging by the amount of use it as. As a human and householder, I find the tower looks ok in my living room
11/21/21 | Anna

Very happy

My cats love Scratching Barrel❤
05/07/21 | Jenna


My furbabies love this so easy to put base on and bed. Much easier than putting together a cat tree. My cats jumped in straight away. Plus bonus it came in a big box which they loved too.

Happy cat happy cat mum

Great for my fussy indoor diva! Absolutely loved it from the minute I took it out the box. I couldn’t even put it where it needed to go or assemble the base and top she was that quick to get in ! Lovely and soft very sturdy and great for her as she likes being in enclosed spaces (wardrobes , shoe cupboards usually ) Great and sturdy product well worth the money :) My cat weighs around 6.5 kg and is 10 years old !

natural paradise scratch barrel xl

Arrived amazingly quick, very easy to assemble. It looks great and is a good size for 3 very large Maine Coon cats. very impressed for the price

Good but need to sell replacement beds

Cats love it but the beds don't last long if you have a cat that stropps, Given the number zooplus stock / sell they really should sell replacements
06/08/20 | Fiona

Lovely and easy to assemble

My cat was already trying to get inside before id finished putting it together
05/23/20 | claire stables

absolutely fantastic !

i am so happy with this scratch barrel. it arrived very quickly.easy to set up. it has lovely cushions in each level and a comfy bed on the top fixed with velcro so it dosnt move. i have a maine coon. he loves to climb this and play in the levels .it is very sturdy i would definitely recomend this .
05/23/20 | Banu Gul

One of the Best product I’ve ever purchased

It seems my cats really love it especially the one likes hide more than the other so this is a really hidden cosy spot for her. I highly advise this..
05/23/20 | Bengal Breeder

Bengal Mama

FAB U LAS!! If it's Bengal proof it will undoubtedly withstand any domestic feline's need to scratch and stretch. I ALWAYS recommend my kitten owners get this if they have a small living area or the XL compact scratch tree if they have the extra room. Both more than adequate for an active, intelligent Bengal. Breeder of twenty years plus!
06/25/19 | Jennie Cunnnington


My two cats were all over this five minutes after it was out of the box. It is a solid, well made and well worth the money scratching barrel. I have a medium sized cat and a big fluffy 6.5 kilo cat and they fit comfortably in the potholes of this xl size. It is a perfect addition to any home where cats are important part of the family. I love it, my cats love it
03/07/19 | Lesley Murphy

My ragdoll couldn't wait

I ordered this yesterday and it arrived today,so very impressed with the service. One of my cats is a large ragdoll so I ordered the XL but it was bigger than I expected. It fits nicely in the corner. The unfinished wood base and top look ok. My 2 moggies haven't shown any interest in it yet but my ragdoll jumped straight into one of the dens as my husband was assembling it. He's also had a scratch at it . I would definitely recommend this item.
02/15/19 | Carol Duncan


Even better than expected. This is the best scratching post I've had in years. All 3 of my very fussy cats use it to sleep in. I worried how durable the 'scratching' areas would be, but they are superb. The top bed and the extra blankets for each level are a lovely addition. I do agree with other comments that the overall look is slightly let down by the somewhat 'unfinished' appearance of the wooden top and base, it would look better varnished, but that is merely a minor cosmetic observation.
09/26/18 | Charles Barclay

Excellent quality product

Top quality cat bed and scratching area. We have three cats and they love it. Very well constructed with room for all three. It has a small footprint making it ideal for tucking into a small room.
09/07/18 | I.S.

Loved by all 4 cats

Since I bought this barrel, 3 cats fell in love with it and will fight over it - though they only use the top part unfortunately but that's how it goes.. as the fourth cat was added to the household, she has also shown interest but is currently too small to fight with the others over it. It's definitely cat-approved!
04/01/18 | Deborah


I have 2 cats and already have the old style Diogenys scratch barrel. The new style XL is quite a bit bigger with larger oval holes and the top bed is also bigger. My cats love the new one. My only complaint is that the top cushion is attached via Velcro strips and you can see the wooden top and base which looks like it hasn't been finished off properly! For this reason I have given 4 stars instead of 5.

Cushions Too Big

This is the third Natural Paradise item I have purchased. I am really pleased with the quality of these items as they are sturdy items. However, the only problem I have with the Scratch Barrel - XL Standard is the size of the removable cushions. I have measured the inside diameter of the den and found it to be 39.5cm but the cushion diameter is 43.5cm therefor do not lie flat inside the den. Not a major issue but it does spoil the look hence the loss of a star.
01/15/18 | angela

great value for money

my cats love this. i like the removable cushions so that i can wash them. the cats love using the scratch barrel i would recommend this for anyone with multiple cats i have purchased a small one as i am tight on space and this size is perfect for any cat over 6 KG i am so pleased i didn't buy the XXL as it would have been too big for my flat
09/25/17 | Lisa

Cats love it.

Both my cats have taken to it immediately, in fact they were both in it before the beds were even sorted. It's good quality, sturdy and well made. My only gripe (and the reason for 4 stars) is because I feel the top wooden disc looks a bit unfinished. I think I'll maybe paint it cream, and it does look a little messy with the removable bed the way it is. It would look nicer if the material for the bed covered the wooden disc. This is a design flaw that I will need to rectify some how.
08/17/17 | Emma Cobley

Sturdy, good quality

My cats love it! It's very solid, good quality. They can have a really good scratch at the sides and it doesn't shred! Plenty of space in the 3 dens and good space on top.

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