08/04/22 | Suzanne DAVIS

Very good

I have 7 cats, 4 raggies, 2 BSH and a moggie and all of them love this
06/28/22 | Barbara Karallus

Fantastic cat bed and scratcher

I have 7 cats and all of them love it.

Best cat bed ever

We've tried different cat beds for our cats, but this one is the best we ever had. Both cats like this a lot and like to sleep in it. We already bought three and put them in different places at home. Now we are buying another one.
03/31/22 | Emma

He loves it!

I got it out of the wrapper and he climbed straight in and has barely been out of it since. He’s either sleeping in it, scratching it or sitting on it whilst having a wash!
03/21/22 | pam bond

Cats love it.!

Good price, big enough for my ragdoll to enjoy & play/sleep. Added bonus of free delivery offer.
03/04/22 | Alison


My cat adores this. She has refused to use every other bed I have bought, but will sleep all night on this. Bargain for the price.
02/23/22 | Aaron

Both cats love these beds

My largest cat is 6.5kg and he lays in, all curled up like a furry pretzel. His brother, 4.5kg can stretch out a little more. Both of my cats are huge cardboard fans; Lying, scratching and biting, perfect!
02/08/22 | Madeline Alvey


I bought one of these beds years ago, and all the cats I've had, loved it. Unfortunately when we had two kittens, one of them wee"d on it. When they came in stock, I bought two more. We have five cats, and sometimes they fight over them. We need more, please🙏

Best purchase ever

My cat generally stays away from anything bought for him but he got in this as soon as I unpacked it and now uses it every day. I want to buy another for the bedroom but they're unfortunately out of stock. Definitely recommended!
12/27/21 | Linda sutters

Amazing!! Value for money 💰 🤑

My cat's love this! It's perfect for them to curl up into. And was under a tenner, and it's on amazon for £30!. Well worth the money.
12/06/21 | Katie

Very pleased

My cat doesn’t really bother with either beds or scratching posts but so far she is a fan of this!
11/05/21 | Rosemary

Creased cat scratching bed

The cat scratching bed was creased in several places. You pay what you get!!!
10/12/21 | gloria

best bed ever

Our cat rejected every bed we ever bought him. This is the only bed that got him off the foot of our bed. He even has his daily naps in there. He loves it.
10/05/21 | Andrea

Fab bed

Both of my cats can’t get enough of this scratch bed. Best purchase!
09/12/21 | Michele Thrower / Precious Paws Cattery


Using these in my 5 pen cattery and for three house cats. Great for cats to sharpen claws, very sturdy and they all seem to love lounging in them. My boy cat is so big he fills it but he just loves cardboard beds and boxes! Really good buy at a very decent price.
09/04/21 | Alex

Brilliant scratch bed

My cats love this and take turns in using it. For both a nap or a scratch. It comes with a small bag of catnip but I don't know if the catnip helps. The shape is perfect. I don't know yet how longlasting will be.
09/01/21 | Louisa and Danno Da Cat !

Fantastic value

My cat loves this scratch bed !! Only received this yesterday and Danno was straight on it having a good clawing and flopped and rub himself all over the bed and is an immediate fan! (The black and white polydactyl )
08/02/21 | Helen

Loved by my fur babies

I got one and they squabble over it. Best cat bed I have ever bought.

Dave & dylan

Throw in a blanket...Bliss 😊

Sturdy and Pretty

i confess I didn't examine the dimensions of this as reviews were favourable about the size, and it is a tad smaller than I had envisioned. However, Benny, who is crazy about cardboard boxes, doesn't seem to mind - it's mostly fluff that's overflowing. He gives it a scratch before settling down too. Very sturdy and nicely finished.

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