09/15/21 | Mrs V Cuthbert

Finicky furbabies

Wow, just Wow. One of my kitties is tremendous fussy about her food. Always has been an Applaws eater. But since the recallI. I was forced to find an alternative and it had to be fish flavour. Day 1. Bowl down and both fighting to get to the Wild Freedom cold river. Usually there's still abit left at breakfast and they craze throughout the day, but not today. I pray this lust for Wild Freedom continues with Applaws wet food supplement, just because they love that too. Thank you

Wild Freedom Salmon

I have 5 cats and they each have a preference in foods. However I must say that this particular one they all love. The only downside for me is that the largest bag is 2kg. Is the food available in 4kg bags, which is what I usually buy in other brands.
02/02/18 | Laura

Very well received

This has a high meat content and goes down very well. The kibble is big but that's not a problem. Would buy again.

Wild Freedom Salmon

Both my cats really love this food! They immediately come running the moment they hear me rattling the bag :) The kibble size is really chunky, so much better than really tiny ones! Very happy

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