05/20/22 | Sofia

Chicken free!

One of our cats kept overgrooming. It was narrowed down to being an allergy, but didn't know which one. Someone told me cats can be allergic to chicken, but nearly every food contains it. This one doesn't. Since I started him on Canyon River his overgrooming stopped, he doesn't need allergy medication, and his belly is full of fur again. I can't praise this enough.

03/05/21 | Chris M

Expensive but worthwhile

We have a fussy Maine Coon breed who won't eat any other dry food other than this. It is a good all-round food, smells fine and is digested well. Shame it is so expensive in comparison to other dry food but nevermind.

04/06/16 | Jennifer

Wow brilliant for my fussy eaters

I bought this for my very fussy three cats and it went down a treat. One of my cats has a very easily upset stomach and since a friend recommended Taste of the wild as it is grain free...she is now very healthy and no upset stomach. All three of my cats are doing really well on it, shiny coats and seem to be a lot happier. I have just tried the canyon river and they like this flavour too.

01/15/15 | Mia & Miley

No likey

We don't like this at all. Mum tries to mix it in with our other kibble so we eat round it. The bag isn't resealable so Mum stashed it in an empty bag of James Wellbeloved hoping that it might help us eat it but we're not daft! Shame because it looked so nice and sounded very tempting.

09/21/14 | I C Kinmond

My Bengal Boy

My Boy (Marley) will not touch this food, I have tried mixing it with other food, no good he just tries to scratch and cover it up. I am sure for many this is a good food but for this cat NO. From my point of view there is not any scent or smell from the food to attract a cat.

01/14/14 | N Oakley

Ordering again!

I have 3 Moggies who have always been fussy about what they eat and I am fussy about what I give them. As wet food causes problems in one of my cats, I needed to look for a dry food that was nutritious, not too rich as to upset their stomach but that was tasty enough for them not to get bored of it. Needless to say I have found the perfect food for my cats and am now ordering it again ( in bulk to save money!). Not only do my cats still love it but they are also in fantastic health and condition.

05/26/13 | Erin

Good dry food

Great dry food, used as an alternative to Applaws as it was on offer. Cat never knew the difference!

01/22/13 | gemma

Pricey but worth it!

I was quite hesitant to purchase this due to the price and my 4 cats being sooo fussy, but it sounded great for their digestion and with all the natural ingredients, i was even more tempted. I'm so glad I did they all tucked in straight away, and the bag is huge so it's well worth the money as it should last a few weeks! Plus the two free sachets of Wet food was fantastic, i'll be purchasing some of that aswell :)

11/06/12 | Sue

my favorite

My cat is well on this, he has sensitive stomach issues all his life, a new vet advices to feed grain free. I first tried another grain free dry but was a urine test showed a little too high citric content, so is why I tried Canyon dry to combine. This mix is liked by my cat, he drinks and eats it all, and is so well. I recently tried another dry which is sold in my country but my cat became instantly ill. Canyon has my thumbs up. Thanks you.

06/14/12 | Laura

Another favourite from Taste of the Wild

My cats love the rocky mountain flavour of this brand so I decided to try this new product. It turns out to be equally popluar. Both cats love it! They even prefer this to some premium wet food and this is the only dry food they'd eat up leaving an empty bowl.

04/04/12 | Amber

Our 3 cats love this even more than the rocky mountain flavour!

...and it makes their coats extra soft and their poos not-smelly! Our long-haired female is very picky but she loves this stuff. I'm about to order our sixth giant bag.