06/10/21 | Bart


My cat is food allergic, it has been a crazy time for us experimenting with different brands until we found this food. He loves it and we had no problems since. Highly recommend

10/05/20 | mandy bennett

Sanabelle sensitive with lamb

Sanabelle sensitive with lamb. Best food ever . Iv tried everything going. I have maine coons and this is the only food that suits all 10 of them.

08/17/20 | Mrs V

All ten cats love this food.

My cats really love this food and have no problems on it whatsoever. It can be difficult feeding 10 cats that all have different tastes and needs, but this one seems to be perfect for all of them. The one cat I originally bought this for thrives on it. No more dodgy litter trays and much gentler behaviour from my grumpy old girl too! I’m really pleased I found this food for them. It’s also a very good price for the quality.

03/19/19 | Kaeren Daunt-Jones

Cats poo less with Sanabelle Sensitive

My cats enjoy this [a LOT of Maine Coons] and there seems to be less in the litter box. However, it's a bit greasy lately, anyone found that?

08/06/18 | Jaz

Cat had diahrrea with blood and vomiting.

We have 3 cats. One developed an allergy/intolerance overnight which seems to be purina products. Had 4 months of diarrhea & blood which then changed to vomiting. Vets gave us flagyl which worked at the time but as soon as the meds ran out he'd be bad again. Gave us hills i/D but he didn't like it. Decided to see if I could find the problem so put him on boiled chicken for a while then I gave him purina sensitive and he was ill again. Gave him this and he's back to normal. My other cats ❤️ it!!

09/24/17 | Paul and Fergal

Works for my impossible cat

My Fergal can be sick at the slightest inclination. Having been treated for various ailments I tried A LOT of sensitive/urinary foods. After 20 months of experimentation I now give him a small amount of this in the morning plus the same again and a third of a pouch of Rafiné (with added water) for tea. He is still sick sometimes, but we're talking once a fortnight rather than once a day. Put some water bowls in their favourite places, not near the food. Cats don't drink near food


No more skin problems

I never bother with doing reviews, but I thought this might help someone else who might be thinking we can't go on like this! Had cat from kitten and she had been on sanabelle kitten, as she got to age 2 she had variety of different foods No problems. Overnight she developed a reaction to all foods and scratched herself so badly she bled everywhere Vet tried on all the vet sensitive foods Hills royal canin etc Very expensive and didn't work! Sanabelle sensitive lamb brilliant! Fixed xx

07/12/16 | Allan Rose

Unbelievable improvement in health

We had a young cat from a rescue centre, she was not particularly well with major stomach and diarrhoea problems and dull fur, she was not very responsive and didn't like being picked up. After reading reviews we tried Sanabelle, now she's totally diarrhoea free, has a glossy coat and is the most amazing loving cat. Thankyou so much, she's like different cat.

07/11/16 | Olivia


This food is Amazing!!!! It agrees and goes down well with all my four breeds: Persian, Scottish fold, British Shorthair and Exotic and has a really good price for its ingrediants. One of my persians has had such a sensitive stomach in the past and nothing worked for him until I found this. All I can say to make this product even better is please make even bigger bags to pass savings on even more! The food last ages in its lockable bag!

07/21/15 | Caroline

Maine coon with toilet issues solved! Oriental no longer sick

I have searched high and low to find a decent cat food that wouldn't upset my 8 yr old Maine coon boy. He is super sensitive to any dairy and can't tolerate a high protein diet. I always preferred to feed grain free food but no matter what he would have constant episodes of dihoreah and lethargy. Sanabelle grain free created less of these episodes, but he was still unhappy. I decided to try the lamb sensitive (chicken can be a trigger) and over the space of six weeks the runny tums has disappeared and he is finally putting on weight and muscle tone. It's not a over night improvement as he needed longer to adjust than my other cats, but the results are welcome and fabulous. All of my cats are now on it and a major improvement has been seen in my Oriental, no longer are we having piles of sick around the house, for some reason he can't bolt the food. All the cats have better coats and muscle tone. It's well worth a try if you have an ongoing battle with a unknown diet issue.



I have 5 cats, and have fed them Royal Canin dried food for years, along with Whiskas or Felix tinned food. But for the last 2 years my elderly cat has suffered dreadful constipation, so bad that she ends up vomiting, and nothing the vet suggests has helped her long-term. I tried Royal Canin Indoor Cat, Hill's Indoor, Eukanuba Hairball, along with Katalax, Lactulose, and many vet-recommended remedies. One of my younger cats has an immune system problem, and 6 months ago she added severe dermatitis to her repertoire, poor girl. Eventually, after reading other Zooplus customers reviews of Sanabelle Sensitive with Lamb, I decided to try all of my 5 cats on it. I still gave them their regular tinned food, but the only dry food they had was Sanabelle Sensitive. HOORAY! My old cat's constipation was cured in 2 days, and she's remained fine now for 6 weeks. The Sanabelle sorted out her constipation without causing diarrhoea. After 2 weeks on it, my other cat's dermatitis was healing up. After 4 weeks, there was absolutely no sign of it, and she's remained well since. All my 5 cats eat it very happily, along with their usual tinned food. They're healthy, happy, (and very naughty, as usual!) I've been owned by cats for 30 years. I've never been as impressed by any cat food as much as I am with Sanabelle. It's saved us a small fortune at the vet's, too!



I have 3 cats, two who will eat anything and one fussy little creature with dull fur, dandruff and underweight...who wouldn't eat ANYthing except James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice (which they have discontinued). I had to search around for something else. I now have a kitchen full of cat food!! Except this Sanabelle, he loves it, his coat is looking better, dandruff and shedding disappearing, and hopefully soon he will gain a bit more weight.


Excellent value for money

The vet suggested we try a sensitive cat food for our cats and we found that the vets own food was very expensive so thought we'd try Sanabelle. The cats love it and it is excellent value for money. Highly recommended. No more sick cats!


Improved health and happiness!

I have 3 cats all with their own problems, this food appears to have solved them all! My 10 year old cats protection British shorthair cross suffers from very itchy skin and coarse and brittle fur since being on this food her coat has become thick and dense and she has stopped itching and stripping her tummy fur - she is a much happier cat. I have also seen significant weight gain in a very skittish and underweight 3 year old tabby female and 100% reduction in diarrhoea episodes from my other 3 year old female who previously suffered regular bouts of illness. Overall I’m very pleased with my cats improved health and happiness from this exceptional cat food which is also great value for money!

10/15/12 | Lesley Jackson

A Great Find!

I have a Siamese that had terrible trouble digesting any food at all. I tried various brands but this cleared up the problem straight away. Now I can even give him a tiny bit of watered down milk without any upsetting his tummy. My other three Siamese love it, too and their coats are so shiny.


My cat loves it.

I have had great difficulty getting my Bengal to eat more than a little dry food mixed in and hidden within her wet food, but she loves this and the chicken variety, and will eat it on its own. Good for her sensitive stomach too.

07/22/11 | Daniel

Great food!

We (my partner and i) have 6 cats and they all absolutely love this stuff! We were feeding them 'Porta 21 Feline Sensible' (grain free) but they slowly went off it for some reason... They now clean their bowls when we feed them 'Sanabelle Sensitive' and so far none of them have thrown it back up which is great! We decided to give them the lamb variety (which contains mainly poultry funnily enough) as they always eat chicken flavour food. Thought they might like a change and we were right!