Good food, but…

My cats seem to eat (or want to!) a lot more of this food than the less diet versions (their bowls are constantly empty now, whereas they never ate their while full fat portions) They do eat it, and seem content, but only time will tell whether they lost weight. However - to be aware - the large bags are NOT RESEALABLE. It seems a bit bonkers especially since the smaller bags are, but there you are. Hopefully they will eat it before it goes stale.
06/09/22 | Baddyboo

My cats loved it at first then after a month they hated it

At first my cats loved it specially my boy 🐈 he started steeling his sister's food so obviously he did not loose anything but gain weight after a month him and sister stopped eating satiety support completely they couldn't come near it ive tried for 2 daus then I stopped giving them as they refused to eat it so unfortunately I can not say it worked
04/02/22 | Jacqui

Cats no longer begging for food all day

I use the recommended amount for overweight cats on my two senior cats. Our vet recommended satiety food. They have been losing weight AND not begging for food all the time! I measure out the amount for the day and feed 4 meals a day. That way they can graze. They like this variety as well. Very happy cats and very happy guardians!
02/19/22 | Jack

Excellent food

I put my cat on this food as she was putting weight on as she got older and less inactive. In the last few years she has slowly lost weight which is fantastic, I always give her as much as she wants really, if I was strict with food then she would have lost a lot more. When I went to the vets they asked what food I had her on and I told them and they said it’s the best food on the market.

Good price

This food is horrendously expensive in the Vets and on Amazon.com Zooplus are by far the best in price. You must stick to a strict diet to make this work.No wet food, and only one small portion of dry food per day, which you can split in half to make it last longer. Your Cats wont love you for it, but you will see a difference in about a week if you stick to the portion sizes.
01/10/22 | Mia L

Has opposite of the stated effect

I have two overweight cats and the vet recommended this product because one of them gets hangry several hours before the next feeding time. Sadly, the "Satiety Support" made the problem worse. He was hungry again after just a few hours, and wolfed down all the food immediately rather than leaving a bit for later as he did before. In short, a disaster. We've gone back to Hills Science Plan Adult Perfect Weight kibble, as it keeps him full for longer.
07/21/21 | Jo

It works!

My cat went up to 5.9kg over lockdown, she was slow, not doing much and very very lazy! In 8 months eating this she's down to 4.3kg, back to herself, always out and bounding around and the vet said she's her perfect weight. You have to be strict and weigh every single meal (it doesn't look much) and be strong by not giving more food when they hassle for it. If you strictly follow the guidance this food will get the excess off.
02/22/21 | Beth

Love it

I have a rather overweight cat and she loves this food. Paired with regular exercise, she has lost weight and has more energy. My other two also love it so I would recommend the brand too as well as this specific food.
07/25/20 | Donna

Big Kitty is Shrinking - part 2

Big Kitty is down from 8.0 kg to 5.4 kg in 6 months! The vet was very pleased and wants him down to 5.0 kg which should be doable even if I feed him a 'light' cat food at least one meal per day. He is a lot more active now and no longer feels like a furry kettle bell.
05/30/20 | Blair Templeton

This works!

My cat Cookie was a cat protection cat and sadly for her was kept in a pen. She is a vocal cat and to keep her quiet in her pen she got fed. The more she meowed the more she was fed. We took her on at 10.5kg! She looked like she had swallowed a football and she could hardly move. The obvious dangers of diabetes and heart illnesses were there but I kept her diet manageable and with this food and she is now 4.10kg and is an extremely active and lively cat whom we have loved watching “grow”
03/11/20 | Donna

Big Kitty is shrinking!

My 8kg longhair male cat (may be part Maine Coon) was put on this by Vet in January 2020. I measure out the correct amount and isolate him from other two cats to feed him. He no longer has access to their food which is helping with his weight loss, but even better is he really loves this food. And he is showing progress by mid-March. The goal is to get him down to 6kg over a year. He is already becoming more active so i am hopeful that this is a realistic goal.

Rapid Delivery

Exceptionally fast delivery and cat is happy!
01/13/20 | Novanne Clark

Best weight management

My Badger loves this food and it has reduced my curvy 6kg kitty to a svelte 3.6kg - she does not need to diet anymore but am happy to keep her on the pictured food for weight maintenance. Wish the food manufacturer would put it in “keep fresh” sealable bags though. Come on Royal Canin !
10/26/19 | Novanne Clark

Dry cat food

My cat has had a weight issue, but after two years on this food she is a good weight, finally - I will continue to feed her this ti maintain her weight. Unfortunarely the big bags could do with a press seal or something to keep the food fresh...., U could not comment in the smaller bags as I buy in bulk, please inform the makers ! Otherwise I would given 5****!
07/16/19 | Jackie Maxwell


I last reviewed this in May last year. Well Sparky is nearly at his target weight. He saw the vet recently for his 6mth check up and their finding it hard to believe he is 17 yrs old. No longer does he have visible dander as he can now clean himself. His weight loss has been in fits and starts, mind he does get occasionally treats. He lost loads at first then it has come down gradually. Can't recommend this food highly enough, it's brilliant...

Brilliant stuff

I rehomed a very big girl last February, she’s been on this diet every since. In 9 months she lost 2kg and is now a health 5.7kg. She’s more active and so much happier. Can’t recommend it enough. It works but you have to be strict, which at times is hard but sooooo worth it x
05/28/18 | Jackie Maxwell

Brilliant stuff

I took in a homeless cat who weighed just over 7kg. His owner died and when the family sold the house they threw him out. His weight was due to neighbours all feeding him. A restricted diet didn't work but with this food his weight is just under 6kg so we are nearly there. For it to work you must read the instructions and weigh it. Only feed the daily recommended amount, don't leave it out as a free for all. Sparky started out on 50+gms per day but now only gets 43gms to get him to his target.
03/18/18 | Polly

The only thing my cats lost was their condition.

I put my four cats on this as two of them were overweight. They gobbled it up and I kept them on it for four months or so, they did not lose weight, despite me giving them exact recommended quantity each time (and nothing between) and it made all of them lose condition, their coats, once shiny, became dull and contained dandruff. One of my cats got very constipated and I had to take to the vet for a laxative. I do not recommend this product and I wish I had never bought it.
03/12/18 | Carmen bm

Very effective

My cat weighted 5.6 kilos and after 18 months taking this food, combined with more activity, now he weights 3.7 kilos.
01/13/18 | Emma


Cats needed to lose weight and keep the weight off. the vet recommended this product The cats seem to enjoy eating the food, they are very fussy!, and they are both at their ideal weight now as they have both lost over 1kg

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