06/18/22 | Hazel

Widely accepted food in multicat households

Royal canin is a stable favourite in my household. Because both my cats are indoor cats, I struggle with finding a good balance with nutrition and weight management between a 9yr tabby, and a 2 year old noisy, bouncy bengal. Because my Bengal has to have food down at all times I use this dry food so I don't have to worry about my older cat as she is overweight. Vet also recommended the light version of dry food over other types. The kibble look like brown cheerios, both cats enjoy the food!
10/31/21 | Nana

My cat doesn’t eat :(

After the last vet visit he had to lose weight. I discussed with an advisor from Royal canin and this was suggested. He was eating for the first week or so when it was still mixed with his old food but after it was completely switched he doesn’t eat.
08/19/20 | Martin Squires

Bag size

I have 4 cats who are very happy to eat this, but my only issue is the bag size has gone from 10kg to 8kg but the price has stayed the same.
11/23/19 | Angela Girdlestone

Canin light weight .cat food.

My cats just love Royal Canin light weight dried food. Have two cats. I also think the service your company give is very good . I ordered 10kg bag at 16- 30.delivered next morning at 10-50am I live in England. Wow, that’s fast service.well done Zooplus. And well done PDP.they are the best ,never have I been disappointed,with this service. That’s why I stay loyal to your company.
05/22/19 | Stephanie Scott


I've tried 1 few diet brands but this is the only one my big boy actually enjoys eating. He was 5.9kg and and is now 5.2kg. Slowly working on his belly.


We have had many of the royal canin dry cat foods but this one is the best for their age..It helps keep their weight in line and they have no problems ingesting it. They use to gag and throw up a lot before. We have 3 cats ranging from 12 to almost 17 years old and they are just as peppy now as they were when they were younger. We feel this cat food has help them tremendously through the years...
11/24/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Fantastic Value

Great product ... Great price ... Prompt delivery ... Would highly recommend!
10/10/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Fussy cats? Not anymore!

We have been trying out various other cat foods - particularly non grain diets as they are better for animas, but although our 3 cats will eat them, they still indicate (quite strongly at times!) that they are still hungry & not for the food I have given. So, after a summer of trying & seemingly failing I bought a 4kg of Savoir Exigent by Royal Canin. This has been the fastest demolition of a bag of food ever! All 3 of them LOVE this. So if your furry four-legged feline is being fussy try this.

Royal canine

Good value my pets love it
08/08/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

My cat loves this!

Great product at a great price! I buy the 'Sensible' version as my cat has sensitive digestive system and other types of food give him diarrhoea! No issues with Sensible and he absolutely loves it! Been eating it for 2-3 years now and hasn't got bored yet! :) :) :)
05/29/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Royal Canin Mainecoons

Excellent value for money
04/10/18 | robyn

my cats don't like it!

I ordered this after reading the reviews. My cats are very lovely but large, British Blues that could do with losing a bit of weight. Neither of them like this food. Shame I ordered two bags!
03/13/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Cats love it.

We have been using this cat food in our cattery for 18yrs+. It is the most popular and least 'problem causing' cat food we have ever used as our 'main' cat food in the cattery. Most our clients now feed it their cats.
01/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it

It has worked!

One of my British Shorthairs likes kibble a little too much and became a little too plump! The vet recommended more controlled feeding but my kitties have been brought up always having kibble to to go if they’re peckish so I tried switching to this first. I have to say she is looking slimmer after a few months and is now as a result participating more in active playing too!! I don’t usually write reviews often but this kibble has really helped and her appetite is controlled better aswell.
12/16/15 | Sassy

Good for Our Cat's Digestive System

Whilst we haven't seen the weight loss benefit yet (we understand that it takes time), it has done wonders for her digestive system. When she started on this, her litter habits became more predictable, and she hasn't suffered from nervous diarrhea since.
05/11/15 | Kirsty

Quality light food

This was recommended to me by my vet as I have 3 indoor cats, one of whom is on the rotund side. They all live it and I know they are getting a well balanced, healthy diet. Good value for money.
05/03/15 | Cat Owner

Helped our cats lose 500g of weight over 3 months

Our vet was getting a little concerned about the amount of excess weight our two British Shorthair cats were carrying. He recommended a change to our feeding habits and we switched to the Royal Canin Light Weight Care. Our cats have always like the Royal Canin kibble and so they switched to the new variation quite easily. Both cats have lost about 500g in weight over the past 3 months. Just remember, if you have outdoor cats - no matter how careful you are - they might be eating elsewhere! Sometimes neighbours love your cats as much as you do!
03/25/15 | Amanda Sloan

My Cat Has Put More Weight On With This Food!

I have been feeding my overweight cat this royal canin food for a while and he really likes it but i was horrified when i took him to the vet to discover that instead of him losing weight, which i was convinced he had, he has actually put even more weight on!:he has gained nearly an extra 1kg in weight since i started feeding him the royal canin light and i am very disappointed as i have followed the measurements feeding guide on the back of the packet. I used to feed him royal canin sensible 33 which is what caused my cat to put on weight initially so i switched to the light and discussed this with my vet.I am dismayed that my cat hasn,t lost any weight and has put even more on with the light food.

Easy transition to light cat food

Some of my cats were carrying excess weight but rather than try to have different food for some and not others I moved them all to Royal Canin Light Cat. They are all very happy to eat it and the overweight ones seem to be gradually reducing in size.

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