08/05/22 | Jess

My Maine coon adores it!!

My main coon loves this food and eats with relish! I used to feed him Orijen at twice the price. But every year, his teeth are bad and he needs professional cleaning. It’s too difficult for me to brush them. My other Bengal cat has perfect teeth, is 1 yr older and ate same food so it’s a genetic thing with him. This is the only food he happily crunches away at!! Not only that, but his coat is amazingly soft, smooth and easy to brush (something else he hates haha).
08/02/22 | Jo

Maine Coon sized food!

We have two Maine Coons who don't chew smaller kibble foods so we were delighted to find a grain free food for large breed cats. They eat it happily and it is a good quality. It is slightly disappointing that it is receiving bad reviews because people haven't read the description properly and are buying this for small cats who can't cope with the size. It is a great food for the XL cats it is designed for!
07/14/22 | Andrea Benson

Enormous, waste of money

I got some samples of purizon and my older cats loved it, so bought 6.5kg, only to find these are gigantic pellets that they simply can't eat. Royal waste of money. Thought it was large bag, was instead inedibley large food.
04/27/22 | Simon

Upgraded review - our sabre tooth tigers prefer it now

Our cats previously rejected this kibble as too hard and refused to eat it. However, needs must and several months later we started to mix it with their regular smaller version of this kibble - they not only have got used to it, but seem to prefer it - fishing it out of the bowl to eat before the smaller ones.

Large Kibbles for the Lazy Chewer

My Maine Coon likes to gobble down his food without chewing, so love this product as the size of the kibbles forces him to chew his food.
03/12/22 | Andrea

Perfect for Maine Coons

Great for larger breeds (as indicated). My MC's love this...only issue at the moment seems to be stocking problems, but this has only been recently, as before was never out of stock.
03/08/22 | Laurie rawlins

Nothing like the old product

Kibble more than doubled in size and hard. My 2 cats struggle with this now. Will not buy again
03/07/22 | Shelagh Medic

Cats love it

Our mix of Maine Coon, Main Coon cross, Ragdoll cross and moggies love this, even the tiniest doesn’t have a problem with the size of the pieces. Only criticism is it’s forever out of stock resulting in one cat getting very poorly from change of food.

Too Big

These XL are too big for my moggy and my Persian. Didn't notice they were XL as I had always bought the normal size, which the cats love. Have had to start chopping them in half individually with a knife, as I bought a big bag, and can't afford to waste. Could we have to cat size and not the tiger, size back please?

Too Large

Our maine coon loves Purizon chicken and fish dry cat food, but unfortunately the product is no longer listed on the website. So I went ahead and bought this XL version and the cat refuses to eat them. He will nibble a few of them and then complain and do his usual routine when he wants food. I am having to cut them in half with a knife to make them smaller otherwise I have 6.5kg of food waste. I don't recommend these as a result. I am going to trymy cat on a different flavour of standard size.
02/07/22 | elena filippou

not big enough but more varieties please

My Scottish Straight wolves down his food - he will just not chew! Result: i need to be his dentist once a week and remove plaque so that we won't see his teeth fall.. When I saw these XL kibbles I ordered the biggest bag. Gave him his first XL kibble full of excitement and... he wolved it down - no chewing! I was so disappointed.. So how we do it???? I hold each kibble and let him bite off little by little, we get 3 bites per one kibble. NO MORE PLAQUE!

Good food

All mine seem to enjoy this wish they would do other flavours in the large breed to give them some variety

I can’t recommend more for this food

My male Maine Coon loves it. He is a very fussy cat with allergy reaction with his previous food. It took me two weeks or so to change to this food. He now loves it and his allergy reaction almost disappeared. He puts on weight and his fur is shining.

Dog biscuits

Had this for years but somehow ordered wrong one. These are like dog biscuits. My poor little 16 year old cat can't break them so I'm having to bash them with a rolling pin. Didn't realise large was size of kibble thought it was size of bag

Large and crunchy!

Our Maine Coon loves these - the large size is great for his teeth and jaws. He loves to crunch! He also eats the Royal Canin Maine Coon cubes and Oral cubes but these Purizon large are twice the size of those and he definitely prefers them. More flavours please!
10/28/21 | Simon

large but very hard

Our cats gave up on this kibble after a few days - on inspection found that it is harder than the regular sized Purizon kibble - which are hardly soft themselves. One of the neighbours has a sabre-toothed tiger - he might like it:-)

My cats love it

My two Maine Coon cats love this food. They are not the easiest cats to accept new brand, so It took about two weeks to completely switched to this food. I also got chicken&turkey flavour normal size kibbles, but they hate the flavour.
01/11/21 | Charmaine Barrett

Pellets too big

I've ordered this before and cats love the flavour but last time the pellets were double the size.looked like they were stuck together. Difficult to eat.
11/28/20 | Vicky

Fantastic food!

My cat is such a picky eater and I've struggled to get her to change onto a grain-free high protein dry food, however the fact that this kibble is large has been the winning point. Really wonderful food and she so easily changed to this. I would love to see different flavours in this size!
02/25/20 | Pete

Cracking good for teeall over my kitchen floor th

My Maine Coon used to gobble down the smaller Purizon kibble, barely chewing them. These larger kibble force him to chew every bit of it which keeps his teeth in great condition. The only down side is they create a lot more crumbs to vacuum up afterwards. More varieties please!

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