07/04/20 | Barry Bishopp

Cats Love it

I have a 3 year old Russian Blue and a 15 week old Ragdoll both girls Ragdoll was very fussy eater when we got her. But we introduced her to the kitten one and she loves it. My Russian Blue has been on it 3 years now. Great price too.

03/07/20 | Larisa

good product

My cats very like it (probably it is tasty :) good pieces size , comfortable for the flat face of my exotics, and , of course , good price too



My Lily loves this Purina One Indoor flavour.... I have to be careful, so she won't get fat, so I restrict the amount I give her.... Highly Recommend.....

06/30/16 | Reece bourne

Purina Formula Foods the best

This is Only! Dry food i will feed to Willow my British Blue fem. and Ralph my Exotic Shorthair boy. And they love it so much. Has all the best Quality's for there diets. Best of all it's for Indoor cats :D

04/26/13 | Emily

Great value for money, my cats love this product!

I found that buying it from a local shop works out more expensive plus my cats are very greedy, so it works out great to buy for saving money and my cats are happy too!

10/26/11 | Marjorie Fletcher

Perfect for Persians

Both my cats love this. One is very much an alley cat in a posh cats fur! He loves to be out in the fields and garden - Pedigree name Christella Garden Tiger....Oh, Yes he is (Brown Tabby) Other puss is a Silver Tabby. I know there are countless brands of food - I am not interested in trying as they are both in beautiful condition,glossy coats,bright eyes,full of fun and happiness. Why spoil a good thing?? Also feed Chicken and Rice recipe. 1 bowl of each alway available 24/7