02/26/22 | Charlène

My cat suffered stones in his kidneys

Few years ago(in 2018) my cat nearly died because of stones in his kidneys. He had a surgery and the vet said that he wasn't sure he would not develop this again and that it would be a bigger expensive surgery. I gave a try to this food and since then, he hasn't been sick anymore and is in very good health. I don't know if this food plays a part in his good health but that's the only thing I changed.

01/09/22 | Nikos


My cat was under control with the reduced calorie version . After changing to this , the inappropriate urination has returned and has gained at least 1 kg ! For a company like hills I could not expect such a big downgrade. Also , the price has gone up for a product that does not work .

12/30/21 | Lee

Makes My Cat Vomit

My cat has been diagnosed with a UTI & struvite crystals. Whille there are no quality grain free high meat content prescription diets on the market. I choose this brand as its meat content is 32% & claims to help with stress. However i find that it is causing my cat to vomit every few days to a week. The difference between the Hills Stress & Mulicare is that this has molluscs & crustaceans in the ingredients. A possible cause? I will tray Science Plan & see if she tolerates it better.


Percy loves it

Cheaper than our local vets and delivered very quickly.


My cats haven't complained about the new size

My Cats haven’t complained about the change. But It loses a star as it isn’t obvious that these are to replace the reduce calorie version and biscuits are a lot bigger than the original but my two fatties don’t seem to mind.

01/03/21 | Nicola Davis

New but not improved

I have been buying Hills Prescription C/D reduced calorie biscuits for 5 years since one of our cats become seriously ill with stress related cystitis. Both our cats eat the biscuits and they have been very happy with the old recipe. Now for some reason, the brand have brought out a new recipe "metabolic" biscuits which are ridiculously big! Twice the size of the original biscuits. One of our cats is quite small, she is eating them but it has caused some problems. Not very happy!