11/09/21 | Angela


So disappointed Hills have changed the wet food formula. My cat hates it and she has IBD so this was really changing her life. And now she will not eat


Cat who will eat anything hates it

My kitten is like a dog. She will eat ANYTHING. But not this. The vet prescribed it, but I can't get her to tough it. Worse, when I mix it with her other food, she now won't touch that either. Also, as with all Hill's products, the ingredients are poor - all meat derivatives and filler grains. I wish I'd listened to my instinct and ignored the vet's advice on this one. I've never had a cat who would eat Hill's products.


New Formula

My cat had terrible sickness and loose stools and the vet diagnosed food intolerances. This food was brilliant and cured everything from day one. I was thrilled and have used it successfully for 1.5 years. My last order arrived for Zooplus and had 'New Formula' on the front. They have added Psyllium which has laxative properties and my cat had dreadful diarrhea..please use with caution. Zooplus were amazing and helpful.