05/04/22 | Angelina

Really effective!!

I bought a very comfy and pretty bed for my cat that she was completely ignoring for months. As soon as i sprayed it with this god-sent product boom! she's there asleep! Best purchase ever!!


My cats love this!

My cats absolutely love this, it's great for getting them interested in their old toys again.

08/24/20 | Lasara Mills

Chilled happy cats

I own two Bengal boys, who are mental at the best of times, legging it around killing each other, sprayed this on the cat tree and sleeping places upstairs and they are chilled happy and sleepy cats .. awesome when I need to work from home especially!


My cat loves it

Lasts quite a while and my cat goes crazy for it. Having it in a spray is really handy for spraying on his cat post.

01/18/16 | nta16

Excellent and bottle will be very long lasting

Excellent effect and value of bottle, I wish I had bought this much sooner. The bottle will last a very long time as you don't need to use too much and not too often. As recommended don't use more than once or twice a week. Our cat normally more or less gives up on catnip toys after the first time of play but this spray really reinvigorates the toys and him. If I leave the bottle out even with the cap cover on he will sometimes knock it to the floor to play with it.

01/20/15 | Aimi

Essential item for bored kitties everywhere

Excellent for re-catnipping toys, smells good, the kitten loves it. The bottle is huge and given the tiny amount that it takes to set off the kitten, this is definitely good value.