05/23/22 | Sarah


Great quality, firm and solid, yet pliable, My cats use it daily.

Endless fun

Perfect, nice material - cats love playing in/with it :)
03/06/22 | Danielle


I got one of these for my cats and within a couple of weeks the wire has worked it’s way out of one end. It could easily catch in one of there eyes and cause serious damage. I tried to put the wire back through but it’s impossible. Very dissatisfied and dissapointing.
08/20/21 | Pamela

Really great buy!

Bought this for my daughters kitten who loves it, she jumps through the middle, hides in , bites and scratches at it, we change the shape and she loves it even sleeps in too. Its fairly easy to wipe down and pack away for travel.
07/13/21 | Maddy Hodge

Good Buy

Bought this for our new kittens, they love it, as another person says, there's no crinkle noise, and it has a lovely soft interior which they snuggle up together in after they've finished playing. Really glad I bought it.


Really want another of these for a different room. Cat loves it still after all this time. It's soft material and doesn't make that crinkle sound the cheap ones make which is great for my easily startled sound-averse cat.

Loads of fun

This was well priced and both my cats can't get enough of it!

Superb! Really great quality

Cat loves this! It's made with really great quality material and is quiet :)
09/26/20 | Tash

Good item but with bad odour

My cats love it. The item has some strong chemical smell to humans
09/13/20 | Jordan

Animals love it

I've got tortoise shell sisters...they love this. Used to have a canvas one from a high street retailer but they destroyed that...they love this one already, even the awkward one Just needs airing out before use cause it smells a bit strange. Nothing catnip spray wouldn't help sort out
07/10/20 | Amber Ramsay

Great quality and my cat loves it!

The tunnel is high quality and made of soft fabric which my cat loves as he can sleep inside it. Great quality for the small price I paid.
07/23/19 | June O'Connor

Fantastic tunnel

My cat Max absolutely loves this tunnel, especially the hole in the top. He plays in this every day. It is strong and large enough for all shapes and sizes.
05/22/19 | Elisa

Both my Corrnish Rex cats love this

Bought one for my 2 cornish rex kittens. They love it so much that I bought another one. They like it fixed together to make one long tunnel or 2 separate ones so they can play hide and seek in one each. They love the peep hole at the top. Many hours of fun. Very robust for the price 5****
02/16/19 | Izzy

Great buy!

My 9 kg maine coon can fit inside with no problems and he absolutely loves the tunnel, especially the peeking hole. It looks and feels quite sturdy too.
04/04/18 | Maxime

Great quality, cat loves it

Very good quality for a product that cheap. My cat instantly run into it and only plays around it now. Combined with a cat scratcher we had, it helped to make it more stable otherwise the tunnel would just always spin on its side.

Her favourite

She absolutely loves this tunnel and never tires of it - loves her 'spy hole' .
12/31/17 | Emma

Great product for cats to tango

My two cats love to kill each other and me whilst in this thing. Folds down easily. Worth every penny!
03/09/17 | Josefine

My kittie loves this (& smell gone).

She lives in this thing nearly, she wants to be petted in there, jumps out of it and rushes her prey (toy) from it and it is the most favourite play tunnel she has had. As previous reviewers have said, it did smell at first, and it didn't go away by itself. But it's a pretty sturdy construction so I put it in the washing machine on Wool wash and the smell went away completely and it dried just fine. Still looks like new. 5* from us.

Horrendous odour

I love this cat tunnel - in theory. The design is good and it's lightweight. Despite the fact that it is made of a natural material, it has a horrible, strong chemical odour. I aired it by an open window for days, to no avail. The entire room was pervaded by the smell. Not something I would want near my cat! I have, sadly, had to discard it.
05/15/16 | Lisa

Great investment

I've had this now for four months and my indoor cats just love it. Its robust, and can fold away easily after use. The fabric is of good quality too.

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