05/15/22 | Mrs Susan Levinski

No good for us

I only have a small cat and i thought this tray would work well for us, in a corner. However it's not very deep and when my cat goes in to pee, his bottom sticks out and he pee's on the floor. Personally I think only good for a kitten. My cats fully grown but his bottom still sticks out, Back to the drawing board and order another now
10/16/21 | Kayla

Perfect for a little rabbit!

I bought this for my rabbit as I wanted a larger litter box and a hooded one as my rabbit is super sassy and loves throwing her hay away! Would highly recommend it for rabbits!

Good all rounder

Great size, seems robust and not too obtrusive. Cats have no problem using it.
08/05/21 | Louise

Good sized corner box

Great sized corner box - our cats love it. Usual detachable swing door. Very roomy inside!
06/03/21 | em


Excellent litter box. My cat uses it no problem, he's fairly big (domestic short hair) and it's roomy enough for him. Easy to clean, and doesn't seem to hold on to smells.
02/22/21 | LisaD

Savic Nestor Corner Litter Box

We love this corner litter box. It fits neatly in my small under stairs cupboard in front of my tumble dryer. The enclosed top and door mean nothing drops into the tray. Both cats seem to appreciate the privacy of the flap. I use the Silica Crystals and even with 2 cats a bag lasts about a month. I empty the whole bag in and just scoop when necessary. The only down side is my cats tend to pee up the sides so i have to be careful putting the liner in.
12/21/20 | Mrs Karen Ellison

Quality, Valie and Service 100%

The tray is strong, sturdy and looks good in my kitchen. It's big, roomy and ideal as a second tray for a home with 3 cats(1 indoor, 1 outdoor and the neighbours cat) The bags are really strong, fit perfectly and make cleaning the trays a breeze. Highly recommended. This co.pany is amazing too. The speed from start to finish was superb. I wont shop anywhere else for my cat sundries.

Good litter box

12 months of use by 3 cats and good as new. Bit smaller than the one it replaced, but is just big enough. Door leaves a gap at the bottom due the design which does not cause an issue, but infringes on the space when in use and also defeats the use of the carbon filters!.
02/26/20 | Mark

It will do

This is a replacement tray after the door on our previous one broke. It’s a decent size and edges are nice and low so easy for cat to access but the door doesn’t shut properly and it was delivered with no carbon filter in. I know you can buy replacements but there should surely have been one there rather than a huge gap that lets the smell out !

Good covered litter box

I really like this litter box, it looks like a cute little cat house in the corner of the room and mine seems to be very sturdy. Only issue I have is that the flap doesn't close properly so there is a constant gap where my cat likes to kick litter out of!
02/28/19 | Cathy Geraghty

Extremely Flimsy

This box is a good idea but the construction is exceptionally flimsy - it arrived with one of the flaps snapped off already and another one has broken since. It is only a matter of time before the last one breaks!


I used this litter box for 2 weeks before I decided to change it, the litter somehow goes everywhere and the flap doesn’t close properly and leaves a gap hence how it gets messy. Apart from this it’s a nice litter box but personally wouldn’t waste my money
03/01/18 | Val

Great Litter Box

Very happy with my purchase. Our two boys started using it straight away. It is rather large and slightly bulky, but looks really good and easy to clean. Due to the corner shape it gives our boys tons of space to maneuver inside the litter box, which is a huge plus point. Please keep in mind that it requires quite some litter to fill it, but it is absolutely worth it.
01/01/18 | andrea abbott

good size

Sadly the back of my litter tray where the clip goes split the second time I removed the clip to empty the tray, its a wee bit flimsy, Otherwise the corner tray is a really good size, nice and easy to assemble and clean just gutted mine broke
10/06/17 | Mel Price

Great product!

This litter tray is amazing and just what I needed for my elderly cat! She has recently had to have a back leg amputated so was struggling to use a normal rectangular open tray and was making a mess outside of the tray. I needed an enclosed one with a side opening wide door which would be easier for her to get in and out of. The design allows her easy access and to turn around easily to get back out. She is frail and 19 years old thank you for manufacturing a product which makes her life easier!
08/29/17 | Jaime Crawford

Corner Litter Box

This is a great product. And, Zooplus, thank you for your great customer service! My original one was faulty and they re-shipped me a new one pronto and it works exactly how I want it to. Thanks again!
08/11/17 | Abi


I live in a flat with 2 housecats. Their last tray took up so much space, was quite ugly and it was time they had 2, instead of sharing one. I bought 2 of these and they are great. They are like little cute toilet pods, they fit well into corners and the door flap lifts up all the way for easy cleaning. They feel really well made and are just so much less cumbersome than other trays I've used. Cats took to them straight away and not much litter tracking. My only complaint is that they don't come with a scoop and there is nowhere on them to store or conceal one. Not a very big problem though.

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