06/02/22 | Victoria Reid

Best cat litter

Best cat litter we've ever used! I previously tried perfumed clumping litter but I hated the smell. I think the perfume made the urine smell stronger. This litter, however, is not perfumed and we couldn't smell the urine at all. Clumps really well, too. Will be buying again!

Best I’ve tried

I’ve tried a LOT of litters. This is the best by far. Better even than other Tigerino litters, and I thought those were great too. But with this one the clumps don’t break up at all, and the odour control is superb.
02/14/22 | Antoni

Excellent for litter robot

Works great for a litter robot. Fast solid clumps that even when they get stuck to the bottom eventually harden and fall in. Go to.
02/04/22 | Laura

Tigerino multicat cat liter

Fantastic litter. Previously used a more expensive brand but this is half the price and better. Tray is always clean now. There is no smell at all either I've gad cats for over 30 years. Wish I had come across this before. Never seen in a shop. I bought just to try it and I'm so glad I did.
01/29/22 | L green

Fabulous litter

I have never experienced such great litter. Once you take out the lumps it's like new litter every time. Had cats for 40 years used virtuous kinds of litter but this stuff is honestly fantastic. Get a scoop with good holes and it just goes through like quicksand. Love it. ❤
01/24/22 | Linda Lloyd

Tigerino clumping Cat litter

This has been the litter I've been using for years now from here. It's far better than most out there. The clumping is solid and doesn't track. I havec3 cats all boys so I always put three quarters of the bag in a clean litter tray so it's quite deep and it works great. And topping up makes the litter last you awhile. I have had to use other makes in the past when I couldn't get it from here and NOTHING comes close.. the only downfall is there isn't any scent at all as it says on bag. But 10/10
01/23/22 | Ruth Stallwood

Bentonite is the best

I have been using other Tigerino clumping cat litters for years and because of the shortages I tried this and it’s amazing. It’s virtually dust free, doesn’t tread, clumps very firmly and doesn’t stick to the side of the box like the others. I never had any box smells and I only clean it once a day.
01/15/22 | Karen Fenwick

Perfect for litter robot

I have 3 cats using one litter robot and I’ve tried a variety of clumping cat litters and the Tigerino Multi cat litter is by far the best yet with zero odour. I love this cat litter!
01/10/22 | Kirsty_Meech


Having 5 large cats poop and pee daily I have been trying so many cat litters and this is by far the best. Originally converted to Tigerino cat litter, but the multi is that little bit better - it doesn’t stick to the sides so much and seems to just last/stay fresh that little bit longer. Just hope it comes in stock soon!
07/03/21 | Karyn Kanowski


I found myself weirdly excited by my new cat litter! I've been using the original clumping Tigerino for years, but this is so much better! Clumps really well but the particles are larger and easier to sift through and less claggy so it doesn't stick to the sides of the tray. Hope it's back in stock soon!
06/10/21 | Kayleigh

Best for smells clumps well

I have 3 cats and have tried every litter you can imagine, I used to use everclean until the price hikes up and now it's just too expensive, this is the first litter I have found that comes close to that, definitely helps with the smell and clumps well as long as you follow basic hygiene and actually scoop daily. Doesn't stick to the bottom, I got a little bit of sticking just before cleaning out the whole tray as I don't top up for the last couple days. Overall I'm happy.
05/28/21 | Jan Holloway

Excellent odor control

I have used many cat litter brands and have been very happy with Tigerino Special Care white, but I tried this Multi-Cat version as I have 10 indoor cats and needed a better odor control. This is the best I've found and highly recommend it. It also clumps very well.

Excellent litter

Great litter for multiple cats and very reasonable when you buy an eco pack

Good new litter

This is a great litter if you have multiple indoor cats - I am so happy with it, it clumps very well and has good odour control

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