Ruined the litter tray

This litter sets like cement and ruined the litter tray.
05/15/22 | Suzanna

My cats don’t like it

It’s worse cat litter iv brought won’t be buying it again
05/08/22 | Kristian

Not very good

I previously brought crystals from Zooplus and were really good value for money, these were very very poor. Crystals were more like sand and did not work well.
04/10/22 | Kate Evans

Brilliant Litter

This is brilliant highly recommend, it clumps round any liquid and so easy to take the wet and dirty out..
01/11/22 | Christine Simpson

Totally Amazing

I was cautious as I have had awful clumping litter years ago. BUT this really works, try to leave the wee for a couple of hours if you can as it turns into a solid ball then so easy to get out. I have two cats my younger one prefers litter tray as she is still skittish. It lasts for nearly two weeks but I do use a litter deodorant with it. I wouldn't use a litter liner as it just wont work as good as when you are trying to scoop the "wee ball" the litter liner is too much Thank you ZOOPLUS
01/11/22 | Helen Smith

Great litter, hides smells

My cat is fussy but doesn’t mind this litter, clumps well so easy to keep the tray clear
12/28/21 | susan

was the best then they ruined a good thing

same old story ...they take a product away then bring it back n the quality has dipped drastically ...it used to be soooo good n i was a loyal customer n now no way its crap ...cheap crap ... doesn't absorb the same or act the same .... stop messing with the product to gain more profit when in reality your gonna loose customers ....i went through loads ...and it wasn't cheap so why mess with the quality .....now on the hunt again for litter because of people's greed .... not on ....
12/20/21 | Beckie

Messy and horrible.

Ruined my trays. Unlike other clumping litter this basically turns into clay sludge. Liners don't work as my cats dig them up. They kick it everywhere. It doesn't smell of anything but dust and doesn't absorb smell. Hate it.
09/22/21 | Helen

Needs to be used with litter tray liners

When I originally bought this product, I was dissatisfied with it because it adhered in great masses to the litter tray; otherwise it was very good. Problem solved: I now use litter tray liners!
08/10/21 | mortishyn@googlemail.com

It change a lot.

Hi before my and my cats best litter.It was rely nice small chunks but now it change and its not good (unfortunatelly) any more. Hope zooplus will go back to old stuff.
07/18/21 | Helen

A disappointment

I've previously used the ordinary Tigerino litter, and although it had it's drawbacks, was happy with it except for the fact it didn't clump. So this looked as if it was the answer. Well, it definitely clumps! It adheres in great chunks (with extremely soggy centres) to the bottom of the tray and has to be hacked off with great force. I will not purchase it again.
06/28/21 | Fabio

Just don't buy it

This is by far the worst litter I have ever tried. It is expensive as a good one and performs worst than the ultra cheap ones. First off while clumping it sticks to the bottom and you really need to struggle to take it off, to the point I was afraid of braking the litter box. Secondly, it is very dusty ( -> messy) and if it has a kind of odour control it is really not working. It's a shame because the rest of the Tigerino product are pretty good. But certainly not this one.

Cats Love It

I previously bought the Tigerino loose silicate but started to feel badly about the roughness on their paws - one cat now over 10 and another shelter cat that had to be litter trained as an adult. I now have two litter boxes with this and two with corn litter. They definitely have a preference for this soft silicate. Unlike the corn litter though, this stuff gets tracked all over the litter box area and it cannot be flushed so we keep small covered bins nearby.
01/04/21 | Olivia


I’ve always used the Tigerino nuggies litter which I do love but this one is much better! I have 11 cats and this litter is amazing for them all, it eliminates odours very well and is easy to clean, plus the cats like it a lot and always choose the tray with this litter over the tray with the nuggies litter in! It’s slightly more pricey than the litter I usually use but it’s definitely a lot better and I’ll be switching to it completely
11/24/20 | Justina


I ordered in error, but it's far better than normal Tingerino silica litter we used to use. Very easy to clean, no odours or moisture on the bottom of the litter, no need to stir. Absolutely fantastic product.
08/30/20 | Clair

Not good ,unless you have a chisel to clean the bowl

Ordered in error , I really wanted flower power or aloe as grains are larger , track less and hide smell. This one turns into solid rocks that are almost impossible to clean and ruin the litter tray . Used 2 bags so 4 wasted
08/17/20 | Parveen Khan

Very poor

I normally use catsan for my cats and heard about this looked very pretty and unfortunately that’s all it is. My cat doesn’t like it and neither do I. It’s got a horrible strong smell to it it burns my nostrils so I hate to think what it’s doing to my poor cat. Don’t bother wasting your money on it. Sticking to catsan.
05/02/20 | Cj and Elfy


Worth buying
04/18/20 | Rachel

Almost no tracking

I love this litter, it hides smells, leaves no tracking, clumps brilliantly. I’d give it 5 stars if it lasted longer, for me it didn’t last 30 days as stated in the description, it lasted more like 2 weeks, but still the lack of tracking and smells makes up for it! I will be buying again and would highly recommend to anyone.
11/28/19 | adele

Its Okay...

It does track on the cat, much more than crystals. It also does clump into hard rocks which stick to the bottom of the tray, so you have to chisel it off. Its not my fave, ive tried the crystals and the coloured sand ones which, in my opinion , are better. I prefer the sand ones because theyre quieter when hes digging and nicer for his feet. But also i worry about the dust from this - its very dusty. I wont buy it again.

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