09/18/21 | Robert Thomson

Best cat litter

In my opinion sanicat diamonds is the best cat litter after trying several different types. Have used the lavender and aloe Vera one and both are just as good. Really keeps the smell at bay, lasts ages and is very easy to clean, really absorbent too. Used to buy 15kg bags in pets at home before they increased the price by a whopping £7 a bag, glad Zooplus has this and is so much cheaper!

07/04/21 | Steve C

Great litter

This litter is really good.

03/03/21 | Lynda

Very good cat litter

I love silica cat litter as I have asthma and it has no dust unlike others I have tried. Also more importantly my cat Ty loves it too. I also like that there are no bad odours. It is good value for money and easy to dispose of too.

02/20/21 | Kate

Not good!!!!!

Wanted to try a new litter and this one looked appealing with the Aloe ect. Not only does it stick to paws and goes everywhere, it almost KILLED my 5 week old kitten who started to eat it. Thank god I saw it and pulled it out from the banies mouth or she would have chocked to death. I would avoid for anyone wanting to litter train kittens. This is going into the bin and will be sticking to wooden pellet litter...


Good alternative to PetSafe Scoop Free Blue Crystals

Best alternative I've found so far if using the PetSafe scoop free litter tray