07/03/22 | Sophia

Really good product

This is a great cat litter. It does a serious clumping job and I can't understand how other reviewers complain that pee gets stuck in the bottom and it clumps. I wonder whether they prefer their entire sand smelling bad with non-clumping litter? I tried Cat's Best for some time and while it offered excellent clumping, my 5 cats were carrying it all across the house to the point that my house looked super dirty within 24hrs This one has heavier grains so not so easy to transfer.
07/01/22 | Lauren

Worst cat litter ever

Do yourself a favour and don't buy this. It goes gooey instead of clumping and sticks to the bottom of the litter trays, it's made the bottom of my litter trays mouldy so I've had to give them all a big deep clean and the smell is horrendous, absolutely doesn't neutralise smells. I've smelt nicer festival portaloos than how this cat litter made my litter trays smell after a couple of days even with scooping them twice a day! Absolutely would never buy it again.

The worst we have used.

We have been using Catsan Hygiene but recently ordered this Natural version by mistake. We hate it from day one. 1/ It is tracked everywhere literally in the apartment including bed and sofa where my cat sleeps. 2/ Instead of clumping, it cements/pancakes on the litter tray bottom, so sticky and impossible to be remove by a normal scoop. 3/ My cat told me his unease by stopping covering after each business. He carefully steps out the tray as if he was trying to help avoid the tracking mess.
03/25/22 | Dominika

Fluffs loves it

I am so happy to found this litter, no stink, easy to scoop, fluffs happy to use I happy to scoop. The trick is you have to fill up the tray more than with normal litters I fill it till the bottom bit of the box and don’t stick to the bottom then. It’s fairly hard to remove but atleast doesn’t stink so we keep buying this product.
03/16/22 | Joseph Whittle

Dreadful stuff

Turns into a thick, sticky concrete that you CAN NOT shift from the litter tray, no matter who frequently you clean it.
03/13/22 | Linda

Excellent clumping cat litter

I have been using this cat litter for several years and find it easy to scoop out of the tray. The cat litter has a fairly neutral scent. Only issue is that it is expensive compared to other clumping cat litters. But both cats like it so will continue to buy.
02/28/22 | Cindy Morrissette

Nightmare product

After 40 years of cat ownership and running cat charities, I have never encountered a worse product. It was sent to me by mistake instead of white Hygiene. What a mess! The product is very fine so walks & kicks out of the tray far to easily. However, the worst part is, when wet it turns into cement! Couldn't clean the cat trays it was just solid and the wet litter which was walked out was a pain to remove from a tiled floor. If this wet litter was walked on to a carpet !! Can't imagine...
01/17/22 | AnnaMatronix


I was slightly unsure switching from usual Catsan litter with my two moggies - but no problems. A bit finer so sticks in paws, but shaken out cat style! No odour at all with this which is pleasantly surprising. Wee clings in a big ‘ball’ clump which is a bit odd at first, but really easy to scoop and clear. Seems to last longer than usual litter - so off-sets additional cost for the bag. 5/5 from me and the mogs.
09/19/21 | Dee

Best one yet

My cats love this litter and so do I no more smells, if you have a good litter tray it does not stick to the bottom. I tried this last year and it did stick to bottom of litter tray with my new litter tray it does not stick and I am glad I gave this litter another try! Happy cats happy me!
05/23/21 | John Klejna

Bad decision to buy this

I don't know how I came to order this as I normally get the hygiene type 2 x 20litre for around £20. I have four cats but one has become s house cat following an injury outdoors. She is normally very good at using the litter trays but refuses to use this for her big one. It's ok for a wee but the other she now chooses to do on the floor. I've just placed an emergency order for the preferred cat litter.

Best we have found

Tried a number of different types, either cats wouldn't use it or it was too dusty, or stuck to paws. This is the best kitty little we have found and our 4 furbabies will use it. Win win all round.
02/06/21 | Loretta


Very good, very strong, no smell, I have three cats, I didn’t find a better one
12/13/20 | Jacqui

Not good if you use a litter champ

Clumps well but very hard and sticks hard to the liner. Often breaks up, tracks and there is always a fine coating of dust on my cat’s paws and coat when he has used the tray. Biggest issue for me is that I use a litter champ. This litter appears to ‘sweat’, there is always condensation on the inside of the outer lid. More disturbing - any bits of litter (dust) that end up near the inner flap or on top of the flap, turn black like mould, never happened before. Back to Cat’s Best!
12/09/20 | Elizabeth


Changed my life. The absolute key to using this litter is keep it as deep as possible so that the urine doesn’t reach the bottom of the tray, meaning you won’t need to clean the tray or change the litter, only top it up. Also, leave the clumps to settle for a few mins before removing from tray so that they form proper lumps. I use a disposable latex glove to remove clumps, I then remove glove from the wrist so that it comes off inside out with the clump ending up inside the glove, tie in a knot.

Worst litter

This litter was the absolute worst. Yes sure it clomps, but also stick to the bottom of the litter box like cement. It just took me 30mins and an old card to scrape it off. Terrible
09/03/20 | Karen Boucher

Unpleasant experience.

Didn’t clump very well and had a porridge like consistency when wet,which intern made cleaning the trays so difficult,will not buy again.

This is the bomb!

It clumps really well and combined with beaphar Multifresh the litter box is always clean! The reason it's not getting five stars is that it's not flushable and it trails and gets stuck in kitten's paws.

Excellent litter

This is an excellent litter! It clumps together and when the waste is scoped out, it's like new. Pleasant, natural scent. I was looking for a biodegradable litter and this is great. The only thing is it does get stuck on my kitten's paws, but I think it's unavoidable. Trails as much as any other litter.
07/28/20 | Emma

Hated this litter... never again.

So this litter welded itself to the bottom of the litter tray... I tried to stop this by using a deep sandpit of litter but even the scoop was getting so much litter on it even a 24hour bleach soak didn’t remove. It’s like cement! Still had usual level or tracking and dust, smell so average in these !
06/07/20 | Kasia

Not great. Dusty!

Very dusty, tracking a lot. The clumps stick to the bottom of the box. On a plus side it does have a good odour control, but I will try a different litter once this is finished.

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