Very happy

Really pleased with this litter. Covers urine well and my cat seems happy with it.

Not for cat with floofy paws!!!

Had to get this for the two Ragdolls as the normal non-clumping litter was out of stock. It’s like sand, it clumps well but it was spread absolutely EVERYWHERE thanks to the floofies!!!! 🙀
03/07/22 | jinny cole


Very good, easy to clean & dispose of

Best cat litter

Best I’ve ever used, clumps wonderfully. No smell. Tracks a little. Buy regularly now.


Used this for years and great clumping and odour control. Disappointed no longer able to get 15l bags. The economy pack of 2 x 3 is a rip off cause you then get charged nearly £3 for extra weight.
04/30/21 | Georgia

Amazing stuff

Love this litter! Works great with my Litter Robot Connect 3. ❤️
03/13/21 | Maria

Good clumping cat litter

The clumping catsan is really good for one of my kittens that only buries her business:)) but my other cat digs a lot before he wees so all the liquid goes on the bottom of the box and I have to scrape it with the scooper which is not an easy task ,plus, when he goes back and starts digging all the clumping spreads into small pieces ,so it makes it really messy. It does not cover the odours very well so I still need to use a felight spray which does the job . Will go back to the nonclumping one.

Less tracking

We’ve been using this litter for years. Multi cat house but only two use the tray. It only tracks a couple of feet from the tray so easy to vacuum up. Rarely sticks in paws cos it’s small granules. I’ve recommended to friends and they’ve always moved to it after trying several other (cheaper) types.
02/17/21 | Sonia

Best Litter I've used

Well priced, minimal fall out, scent free. I was hesitant to purchase based on reviews but upon using this product I am thrilled. Clumps well, great quality. Kitten and cat both are unable to launch this litter the way they have for others.
02/12/21 | Adriana

Really good

After reading a few of the reviews I wanted to write myself and let everyone know that this litter is amazing. At least for my baby Ragdoll. He loves it. We used the non clumping one and it was getting everywhere. And the smell was bad. With this however everything changed. Easy to clean and the smell disappeared. Love it!
02/05/21 | Eli

Awful smell

This is the worst litter I have ever tried. After only 1 day it smells like something rotten. I even thought there was a rotten animal or something in the litter. After 3 days of use also my cats smell of rotten creature and the house. I think I'll throw away the rest of the bag and never ever buy again. and it's not that I don't clean it I scoop even twice a day. It's just horrible
02/01/21 | Jacqueline

Gets everywhere!

Too small, gets stuck to the cats paws, legs, bums, and is all over the house.
11/15/20 | Tatiana

Fine texture

My cat really likes this one, and so do I. The texture is very fine, like sand. It doesn't get caught in my cat's paws and it doesn't track around the house. It clumps nicely and it is easy to clean the tray.
10/12/20 | Kate

Finally one that doesn't track too much

I have had a multi-cat household for years and with that have tried nearly every litter. My quest has been to find a good litter and one that has reduced tracking across my floors. This is by far ahead of the others. I think it is fair to say it's impossible to have zero tracking with any litter, but this has been the best. I only have to clean a small amount outside of the tray whereas other litters would end up all over the house.
08/22/20 | Sjoulfr

Cats Love it. I Don't

It's hard to be objective about this cat litter. When I first got it, the cats loved it, and it does clump beautifully. I was delighted. But very soon the reality cept in. This litter is made from very small, but fairly round, bits of material. When the cats jump out of the litter boxes the take a good bit of it out on their paws and on a hard surface it spreads all over the place in no time. I have hard wood floors in part of the house, and tiles in other parts, and it is sore on the feet
07/22/20 | Liz Chamberlain

Best Cat Litter Ever

My cats have used this clumping litter for many years. It is soft on their paws. It clumps their urine and can be scooped up and disposed of as well as the faeces. The best thing, for me, is that there is no odour.

Very bad smell

Very poor litter, I already tried very much different litters and this one is same poor as cheapest ones from markets, very bad smell, my cats after visit in their toilet was smell like it for long time after. Very good absorbing but nothing more, I would never buy it again
07/04/20 | Helen Beddow

Catsan ultra clumping cat litter

very good cat litter the best clumping litter I have tried, hard to get hold of which i cannot understand.
12/15/19 | John Griffiths

Excellent product

For out cats we tried a lot of different litter brands and types, many of which they actively would not use such as wood chips etc. This brand works great, The cats are happy to use it, it clumps well without sticking too much to the tray (unless they burrow right to the floor before use) and even then it's easy to press off with a good scoop. It also holds in scents well.
10/19/19 | Shana

Best Cat Litter

Does exactly what it says on the packaging. So easy to remove clumps, No dust & No smell. Well worth it! I would recommend using a sift litter scoop to separate the clumps from the unused litter easily, this helps the litter last longer as your only discarding what’s been used. I got my scoop from Zooplus it was only 99p and also does a great job. I have 2 cats & 1 15L bag will last me over a month!

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