03/24/20 | Nikki

Wanted to love these but...

I have 2 big cats, one Maine Coon and one Ragdoll. There simply wasn't enough litter included on top of the liner for them to bury their solid waste, so it sat on the surface and the odour of fresh cat poo circulated freely until it was removed. i found myself having to add top up litter, but that added to the depth of the liner meant the tray was overfull and litter ended up everywhere!! +1 of my cats hated the liner itself and savaged it at every use!! Oh dear!!
04/21/15 | Livia

Very smelly!

I was expecting amazing things after my friend recommended these and I read all the reviews. The absorbent pad seemed genius! We have two house kittens and as soon as they used this litter it stunk and it remains to smell until you completely clean it out. We do scoop out the poop several times a day. We also have one of those large sided covered litter trays so at the back the liner doesn't quite reach and sort of drops forward a little, que the kitty who likes to stand up on all fours while taking a no. 2 and where does it drop... between the plastic edge and the liner haha. So if you have a large tray and an awkward cat you may have this issue too. I have gone back to using crystals from this shop as once you clear out the poop from the tray with the crystals the area no longer smells of urine or poop. Brill!
11/26/10 | Janice Wellstead

Sould have read instructions

I should have read the instructions on the pack before i opened it,i treated my kitten to a new covered litter tray and a 3 pack of Catsan litter,and i cut open the pack and it spilled all over the kitchen floor,i didnt realise the bag was a tray liner too,so spent the next hour sweeping it up while my kitty was running through it playing with it,all sorted now,and it looks good,i hope she will go in the covered tray,will write again after shes used it

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