02/17/22 | @The_Tabby_Team

Found my favourite

I’ve used this litter for 12 years and when I found these trays I was sceptical because it costs a little more than the normal bag of litter but it makes up for the price. 1. You get the right amount of litter and don’t over fill the tray 2. The cleaning is sooooo much easier you just pull the bag out and put a new one in
12/29/21 | Lorraine Gordon

The best cat litter ever!!

This product is absoulutely brilliant. Not only dpes my 1 year old loves it, it actually saves you money, providing you remove you the soiled items once a day as there is no clumping. I have a physicl disability it makes it easy to clean; the soiled cat litter, once you need to empty it, you lift the soiled cat litter contentd with the paper and plastic friendly handles in one go and there is no need to wsh the cat litter tray( although I do wipe the cat litter tray down fortnightly.
10/23/21 | Sheena

Doesn’t Fit

it’s very good, if only it fitted the large litter box

Excellent cat litter.

So easy to use. (I do top up with a scoop of ordinary catsan. One large packet lasts ages but makes the duo packs last a bit longer.) I have two fussy Siamese who love a clean litter tray! I change over on a Sunday and Wednesday. Always flush the poos down the loo each day or as they arrive. I am very pleased with this product. I have had house cats for over 40 years and used many litters. This is the best in my opinion.
09/05/21 | Lorraine Gordon

Excellent item

I have a 10month old kitten and this is the easiest cat litter I have used Ever!!. I have a disability which effects my right arm and body. To change weekly cat litters in the past it is a chore, but has to be done to keep a cats toilet nice and clean. This is so easy to empty that I can easily manage it with my left arm and then replace. It is also the best hygenic cat litter I have used. Thank you Catsan for using common sense when designing it.
09/01/21 | Margaret Reilly


You get less litter but charged more will not be buying again ripoff
07/02/21 | Brenda Wickens

Catsan Smart Packs

Such a quick turnaround. Amazing. Thank you so much.
05/24/21 | Gabriela Nunez


Placed the order and delivered in two days in a safe box. Definitely buying again.
03/16/21 | Chrys Valentine

Tinkle tinkle little star!

first tried the the litter a year ago as it made my life easier, having had osteoporosis for many yearsIcouldnt lift a large hooded cat loo. My cat (Davy) is quite fussy but seems to like it. He went totally blind a few weeks ago but still can find his tray,he’s rather old now n very spoilt! He will be 23 this year.
02/13/21 | Coco

Large cat tray problem

Superb product but I have a large cat now he is fully grown, PlEASE produce a bigger size do I can get a bigger litter tray!!!
11/11/20 | Sue

Superb but doesn’t fit my tray

I love the ease and quality. I love the elasticated liner. I just need a bigger size because it doesn’t properly fit over my tray and so I have stopped using it unfortunately. I wish they made a bigger one too because then I would definitely go back to it.

So Easy!

We’ve used these for over a year. Super easy, no mess and with 1 cat we just change once a week.
08/07/20 | C Mellor

So easy and effective but Yodel are always late - by days/weeks

The product and price are excellent but Yodel fail to deliver- by days, weeks and sometimes not at all. Such a pain having to call zoo plus a week after every despatched date.
07/25/20 | Jeremy Watson

Absolutely Fantastic Product & Great Service

This product is absolutely fantastic and, to my knowledge, there is no close rival product. Using the Catsan Smart Pack has minimised an onerous task by reducing the amount of time I spend on changing litter, dramatically. Further benefits include less frequent changing because of the absorbent base, perfect measurement of the amount of litter and, of course, minimal odour. Just brilliant!!!
07/21/20 | Lisa

Easy and excellent

I have a 8 year old neutered Maine Coon, I usually get a week, sometimes less, he is fussy! Just in our cloakroom, take the poo out straight away and he is a happy chap 🤗
07/20/20 | Michelle

Cat litter

Cat product is brill highly recommend
07/10/20 | Alex Maxtobe Graham

Happy here!

It keeps it nicely, ready for use
06/20/20 | Rob Gittins

Utter rubbish

One small kitten, litter tray was repulsive after a matter of days, all instructions followed, massive waste of money!!!!!
06/02/20 | Sabine

Gets smelly quickly

I was really hoping this would be the solution to all my litter tray problems. I do love the concept and the first two days were great. My cat used it without hesitation and it was easy to scoop her poo, but from the third day on, the tray really started smelling. I added some baking soda which made it a little better, but still too smelly compared to my previous litter. I bought six packs so I guess they're going to last me three weeks at most. Disappointing.
05/16/20 | Samantha Swindells

Convenient and easy

I've used the smart packs for 10 years now since having cats in my home & I love how convenient & easy to change they are. They fit standard trays, higher backed trays & lidded trays (I've been through them all) which is great as they have met all my needs so far! I personally find that it smells better for longer than other litters. We are a 3 cat, 2 tray household & so the 2 rolls in one pack last about a week (cats are in/outside cats & in overnight to give you an idea). Hope this helps you.

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