Smelling badly

Will never buy this baby powder scent as it was not smell like that at all, it is the worst product from this brand sorry.

10/06/21 | fn

didn't last long

bought this by accident- my cat usually prefer's the biokat diamond care with the carbon. the clumps were huge, and often broke, it was also thicker grains which didn't sift as well as the finer litter we were used to, the baby powder smell did nothing really to cover the smell of the litter box either. lesson learned for me- back to checking properly that i'm purchasing the right litter.

08/04/21 | Natasha Dawson

Do not buy!

I got this litter as an alternative to golden grays which I’ve used for years to try it I’m now desperate for my golden grays to be delivered. Initially I did notice how dusty the litter was when I put it in the box which was a concern it did make me cough. The letter does not clamp and now lesson two weeks in the smell is absolutely awful in the litter box. I can smell it as soon as I come into my bungalow. I’m now worried the cats are going to use other things other than the litter tray.

03/12/16 | Linda Lloyd

3 in 1 cat litter

The WORST litter I've ever come across. Clumps break up all over the place making rest of litter wet and smelly. Don't waste your money on this take my word. Does NOT do what if says it does. I'd rate a zero * if I could .

03/08/16 | Linda Lloyd

3 in 1 cat litter

Absolutely awful litter. ..!!! It breaks up when lifting and ruined the rest of litter in tray. It is very very course and is extremely hard on my cats paws. The worst buy of cat litter I've EVER bought so I recommend highly not to buy this. I rate it a zero star if I could