05/22/22 | Sebastian Cole

Cat pulling the lid off? There's a solution

Another review here says their cat learned how to pull the cover forwards and off the feeder, and so get to all the food inside. This can only happen if you've not fitted the cover correctly: behind the bar that it slots into is a little slider for you to push to one side, which locks that cover into place and prevents it from being pulled out like that.


Brilliant for my multi cat house

I have two Siamese cats. One is a very picky eater and the other hoovers up any food she can find. I had to feed them separately for ages, until I discovered this wonderful thing. I also bought the optional back covers, as my hoover of a cat quickly worked out how to eat from the back of the other cat's bowl; and the connect hub, so my phone meows at me whenever either of them eat anything! So far, hoover cat has lost 400g, picky cat is slowly gaining weight, and I am a lot less stressed. I

12/31/21 | S.W.Amos


I mistakenly thought that I was buying a microchip feeder as the picture seemed to me to imply this.

11/06/21 | Mark

Good concept, poor execution.

I have 2 of these bowls for a fat cat and a cat in remission after radiotherapy who has food allergies and a sensitive stomach so have to manage their diets really carefully. I've owned the previous version of these bowls and they all suffer from the same issue. The front of the bowl is far too wide and easily allows my cats to feed out of each others bowls, side by side. Blocking off the front makes no difference as the cats still manage to get at each others bowls. Really frustrating.

10/04/21 | Rodrigo Araujo

Be careful with this advertising! It’s not as shown in the picture.

Be careful with this advertising! You are not buying the pet feeder as shown in the picture. You are buying the connection hub only. (Small green ears cat hub only)


Cat foiled the feeder in 10 days

Happily had this product for a year or so the cats could eat as they wished without the dog polishing off their food. Dog learnt to intimidate one cat into moving away but we changed it to the shortest closing setting and problem solved. Then DISASTER new adult cat in the home, in less than a week he worked out he could just use is claws to pull the lid off forwards and off to eat the contents. Product now of no use to us :(

08/13/20 | Sarah

Surprisingly worth the price tag, brilliant product

2 senior cats happily using after going through easy training modes (1 was hesitant at first) Perfect to keep track of how much/often is eaten even weighing the food. Stops the chunk (who's dieting) stealing the others special dietary food! Well designed, simple to use/clean & no need for the trauma of trying to get them used to a collar to wear a tag like other individual feeders I found. This is a considered purchase (2x feeders, 1xhub =£££) but works & does what I need them to do & more!

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