Too small and overly flexible

Our no-breed doesn't fit in it. The hatch is tiny, too. Also, the plastic is so flexible, the box was bending while I was trying to push the retaining clips closed. Eventually had to stick my other hand in and push from the inside at the same time in order to get the clips to click.

05/31/21 | Kinga

Handle broke and my cat tumbled down the stairs !!!

The handle just broke off the main body and my cat has tumbled down the high stairs in this carrier!!! So far she’s ok but I may need to go to the vet for a check. So I do not recommend it!!!

08/07/20 | Lauren Wilson

Cat escaped through petting hatch

Tried to use the petting hatch to pet my distressed (adult) cat while taking her to the vet for her boosters today. She shoved her head through it, quickly followed by the rest of her, and escaped.

07/22/20 | Lisa Tyson

Catit voyager carrier

I have had this carrier fr a while I think it is a really lovely design as I hv bengal tiger cats. I hv found it to be sturdy and solid. The catch us very strong and good. It can be a bit hard to pull up to. Lose but the mechanism is very good.. The only problem I have had is the pull button the attaches to the top of the bar tht pulls up to close kep unscrewing and coming off. I hv now lost it so can't close the cage. I'm hopi g the company will send me a replacement please. How do I get one pz

07/02/20 | Michael bisiker

poor avoid

first time we went to use ours the handle came off, luckily before we got the cat in it

02/26/19 | Laura

Best Carrier I've Had

This is absolutely the best carrier I've had. The door design is fantastic, much easier to open and close quickly with one hand than other types and stays secure. Great for longer journeys because of the included feeding bowl, which fits nicely into a compartment on top. The petting opening on the top is also fantastic, especially for cats that get stressed in the carrier. Every cat owner who sees it comments on how great it is compared to theirs, and asks where it is from! Highly recommended!


A little small

I bought 1 of these after reading a review some time ago stating that it was the perfect size for bigger breeds of cats such as Mainecoon and Norwegians. Although my MC does fit and has room to turn, that is because she is fairly small, ideally I will need to buy a larger carrier before she reaches maturity. The design itself however is fantastic. I love that you can open up the compartment on the top to comfort your cat without them trying to escape out the door and love that there is a bowl.


The door bit is a bit fiddly

This carrier does the job and is quite handy, however, I found that if your trying to quickly secure it after putting kitty in and you've forgotten to slot the door in place, then you've got to try and correct it with kitty trying to get out! Can be a bit of a pain. I have also watched my vet on numerous occasions fiddling around with it, it's like watching an episode of the Krypton Factor :)



Good size and sturdy without being too heavy, also has a place to attach a shoulder strap which is great. The catch on the door is awkward though, takes a knack to unfasten.

01/21/15 | Sue


Looks wise great, people do ask where we got it from. Little storage features are brilliant for storing treats and the opening window at the top is fabtastic for comforting your fur baby when on long trips...meaning you don't have to open the main door and risk the small one getting out and running a muck. The only down side really is that the carrier is pretty bulky and thus is awkward to carry for long distances without feeling like your arm is going to fall off. The carrier constantly slaps in to the side of your leg which is not pleasant for your self or your fur baby. So if long distance walking isn't a problem for you then this is the carrier for you.

11/06/14 | Lucy


Bought this crate, as it was reviewed with 5 stars, little disappointed , it's very flimsy and don't trust it at all to carry my BSH cat , so am going to buy a different one .. Wouldn't buy it again in hind sight ..

06/30/14 | Wendy Hayes

Very Pleased

Having used this crate a few times now, I have to say that I am very pleased. I don't expect it to last a lifetime, but at this price you wouldn't. I did secure the corners with ties for added security as I thought the clips looked a little flimsy. My only complaint would be the instructions - they tell you to put the door in after securing the top and bottom parts. This is impossible, you have to put the door in whilst assembling, but this was quite easy to work out.

05/23/14 | Mo

Does the job

Very easy to build together. Was slightly disappointed at how flimsy it was though, plastic is quite thin and bendy. Not as sturdy as my previous cat carrier. I've actually used cable ties to hold the top & bottom together, which makes it feel more secure. The downside to that is that I now can't just lift the lid off if the cat is in there refusing to come out! On the plus side, it's a big roomy carrier, both my cats can actually fit comfortably inside at the same time. The design is nice & quirky. Love the petting hatch on the top. Locking pin on the door took a bit of getting used to, but it feels safe & secure. For the money I paid for it, I'm happy enough. It does the job, it's only ever used for short trips to the vet so for that it's ideal.

05/11/14 | Caroline G

Surprisingly flimsy

I'm a little disappointed with how thin the plastic is, I can manipulate & bend the whole construction with my hands, even when assembled. I can't imagine it's going to be a long-lasting product. It also didn't come with the feeding bowl, bit of an inconvenience but I'm sure zooplus will sort it out for me. That said, it looks good & it's big enough to get my 2 younger cats in together for the short trip to the cattery...which is what I wanted it for. But if I needed a carrier for more regular use I'd be going for something else.

03/12/14 | Jeannie

Roomy with good features

This Catit Voyageur crate is funky and came very easy to assemble. Really like the dish facility and the petting hatch. Well thought out. The long pin catch is different to my others but got used to it quickly. Even my grooming parlour commented on how good it looks and asked where it came from. Simple to take apart and store to save room if you dont use one that often. A worthwhile bargain.

01/19/14 | val


we now have 6 of these and they are just the right size, even for some of our larger boys. they also stack well which is a bonus. we also get lovely comments on the look of the carriers and the petting hatches are a wonderful idea. there are always a few left out around the house so they are obviously a nice place to snooze too :-)

02/22/13 | Rose

Brilliant cat carrier!

I got this for my Bengal kitten she's only 6 months but loves to spread out and has near out-grown her other carrier. It's brilliant perfect design, big enough for 2 to stretch out at adult size and the handy little water/food bowl compartment is genius. Fast delivery once again with Zooplus and a total bargain at the sale price £15.90. Can't go wrong with this product.

11/10/12 | Katie

Great carrier

Got this for my 2 cats as they panic when separated, this is big enough for both of them. Great design and the door on the front is brilliant, easy to open and very secure. Not the strongest of carriers but great design and great value

11/04/12 | Sue N


Well made and easy to put together and great for the larger cat.

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