07/22/20 | Lisa Tyson

Catit voyager carrier

I have had this carrier fr a while I think it is a really lovely design as I hv bengal tiger cats. I hv found it to be sturdy and solid. The catch us very strong and good. It can be a bit hard to pull up to. Lose but the mechanism is very good.. The only problem I have had is the pull button the attaches to the top of the bar tht pulls up to close kep unscrewing and coming off. I hv now lost it so can't close the cage. I'm hopi g the company will send me a replacement please. How do I get one pz


A little small

I bought 1 of these after reading a review some time ago stating that it was the perfect size for bigger breeds of cats such as Mainecoon and Norwegians. Although my MC does fit and has room to turn, that is because she is fairly small, ideally I will need to buy a larger carrier before she reaches maturity. The design itself however is fantastic. I love that you can open up the compartment on the top to comfort your cat without them trying to escape out the door and love that there is a bowl.



Good size and sturdy without being too heavy, also has a place to attach a shoulder strap which is great. The catch on the door is awkward though, takes a knack to unfasten.

05/23/14 | Mo

Does the job

Very easy to build together. Was slightly disappointed at how flimsy it was though, plastic is quite thin and bendy. Not as sturdy as my previous cat carrier. I've actually used cable ties to hold the top & bottom together, which makes it feel more secure. The downside to that is that I now can't just lift the lid off if the cat is in there refusing to come out! On the plus side, it's a big roomy carrier, both my cats can actually fit comfortably inside at the same time. The design is nice & quirky. Love the petting hatch on the top. Locking pin on the door took a bit of getting used to, but it feels safe & secure. For the money I paid for it, I'm happy enough. It does the job, it's only ever used for short trips to the vet so for that it's ideal.