04/19/22 | Claire Fraser

Cat loves it as does my conscience.

I am uncomfortable supporting the factory farming industry, where animal welfare is awful, just to feed my cat so this food was a welcome find. Luckily my cat loves it too. Plastic free packaging too so all boxes ticked.

11/18/21 | Nicole Withers

Cat reacted badly to this food

Tried the Chicken and Aloe flavour and cat had a bad reaction. She was hiding and licking her lips constantly which shows she is in pain. She refused to eat anything the whole day and had diarreah. I was wondering if it was the aloe vera which is toxic to cats but the manufactuer said they only use aloe gel rather than the pure plant so it should be fine. Might be ok for normal cats, but not senstitive cats.


As ethical as it gets

Don't expect your cat to like it immediately. My two didn't, but they do now having had a week or so of it being mixed with their previous food. I think they had to adjust because Yarrah doesn't have any of the chemical tastes and aromas of the standard supermarket car foods.


Hardly touched it

Yarrow Organic Beef is one of six wet foods purchased from Zooplus for Caesar the fussy 12-year-old rescue Birman to try. Far from suggesting beef and parsley etc., the opened tray consisted of anonymous grey lumps in a grey sauce and had very little smell. Caesar hardly touched it. We'll see what the inmates at the local Cats' Protection League make of the other five trays.

08/02/16 | Marie

The best

The chicken and aloe vera chunks is the only wet food my wee rescue cat Bo will eat. And it's also the only wet food that doesn't make me want to throw up at 7am! Just white meat poultry in a delicate clear gravy, I understand why Bo loves it so much! I hope this product never gets discontinued or I would have a serious situation at home!

06/10/14 | Emmamotherofcats<3

Not a hit, but......

Not a hit, it looks like a pot of glue! But once mixed in with the Carny, some Applaws and some Cosma, all bowls are clean ;)


good food in bad packaging

My fussy cat likes it, I like it for the price and the fact that it is organic. One thing that stops me from buying it more often is packaging, it always comes crushed and I end up putting few burst ones in a bin. Cans are too big for my one cat though.

12/22/10 | Brunhilde

Yarrah chunks

I usually don't feed my cat food with miscellaneous by-products ("animal derivates") in it, but one time Yarrah was the only thing I could get at the grocery. Luckily, my cat ate it and seemed to like it ok. It is a complete food with no hormones, but it does contain wheat. I might get it again if there were an emergency and it were a choice between this or generic supermarket kibble. But it normally wouldn't be my first choice.

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