Good for a small top up

My kitten has this for a little top up when he's going through a growth spurt. Perfect little sized treat!

07/28/20 | MH

Ridiculous thick plastic

Such a shame as I wanted this Sheba food as his treat as it's not exactly really healthy. And he loved it but I don't understand why it needs to be such thick plastic for such a small product.

07/23/20 | Di Pascal

Eats every bit!

After 5 years of buying different brands every few months, I've finally found a food Bonnie (Maine Coon cross rescue) will be eager to start eating, then finish every last morsel! She also enjoys other Sheba dishes. I had tried her with jelly and mousse, but she turned her nose up every time, so this surprised me - in the best possible way.

11/06/19 | Caroline Hill


No waste as just the right size portions for my 17yr old cat. He's not gotten tired of this and eats it all up . Used 2 boxes so far and he's still liking it. A winner :)



My older rescue cat is very fussy but I have now found Tom-tom likes Sheba perfect portions in either chicken or salmon and he gobbles it down. He has been hard to feed but I think we are now on the right track thank goodness.