05/04/21 | Tracey

Cat’s Favourite

My cat loves this and he’s extremely picky!


Cats really hate it. Cat repellent.

Both my cats hate this food. They ran away from the dish when I put it near- the smell is foul to them. I bought 4 x boxes of 12 :(


Great something he will eat and like

My cat has to have the special wet diet and did have the cans until they discontinued. he loves this wet food, especially as it seems to have more gravy - so pleased 😃

10/31/19 | Carole Renard

Wet mud texture - no clear flavour - unappealing - cat dislikes it.

Royal Canin have not only reduced the pouch sizes but now they have messed with the content as well. No idea what flavours are as they are just described as 'loaf' or 'strips'. Last monthly order for my cat I thought I would try the 'Loaf', imagining something with some consistency & visible solid bits of 'meat' in it. Instead of that, what slithers out of the pouch is some brown thing with a tiny bit of thickish 'gravy'. Turns to moosh if you try to cut it into more manageable cubes. Rank!

09/09/19 | Ms Felicity Samuels

Best of the Range

This is the only Urinary S/O from Royal Canin that my cat will eat.

08/23/19 | Rachel

Less for your money

The quality of this food is great on my cats tummies. But very disappointed they’ve changed packaging, product and the quantity 100g to now 85g The last time I’ll buying anymore of this. Pure principle really.