01/19/22 | Iona

Saved my cat's life

Minnie had lost a third of her body weight, was missing the pooh tray daily and was being sick at least 4 times a week. I was worried out of my mind. I stopped feeding her 'supermarket food' and after talking to her breeder, put her back onto Royal Canin that was in October. It is now January and she is starting to look her again. She is slowly regaining the weight she lost approx 100g a month so far. Her accidents and vomiting are less than once a week. Highly recommend.
10/19/21 | Kieran

Food is OK, but not sustainable

COur Cat seems to like the food, but we are changing wet food provider as he pouches are not recyclable and their sustainability plan is rubbish

Fussiest Eaters Ever!

I have an eighteen year old Birman and two of her kittens, (aged sixteen). They’ll pick at a very few foods for a week or two, then turn their noses up at it. Once it’s been rejected, it’s rejected forever. Week three on this and they’re still eating it, although I only give them one sachet between them, and they don’t quite finish that. Their main diet is RC Elderly Cat.
07/20/20 | C Catling

Two house cats

Neither of my cats will eat this. They normally aren't that fussy but they won't even lick the gravy. Sorry won't buy again.
06/30/20 | Danielle

Odour reduction?

This appealed to me because of the odour reduction marketed on the product. Sadly I didn’t see any reduction in odour. The litter tray still has me heaving because the stench is still so repulsive and so strong. I‘ve recently found out our cat really likes Chicken. I came back to this product just to find out if it was chicken or not but it doesn’t actually specify which animal is in this product meaning I don’t know what I am feeding my cat if I give it to him. Transparency would be nice

Great favourite

My little cat loves this food and is much healthier. I just wish it was not as expensive for such a little amount. I have two cats. The other is not a fussy eater but likes a varied diet. I would love to put them both on the royal canine as it is a quality food but it is very pricey. So unfortunately I can not afford to do this.
09/19/19 | Sophie Peacock

At last , thankyou !

My rescue cat suffered with terrible diarrhoea for the first 5 weeks of having her on another royal canin food, she got through 3 tubes of prokolin with no result , being a white fluffy cat I was having to bathe her every time she used the loo it was that bad. We were boiling chicken every meal time and nothing was working ! I bought one sachet of this on a whim from a pet store and that was the point that she went back to normal ! Thankyou !

Oscar loves this

I have a norwegian forest cat who came to me very ill with giardia as a kitten, for ten years we have been going to vets for his damaged gut and he has been so miserable at times, since I found this food ( vet never recommended this WHY NOT ) he has become a changed animal, much happier, not in pain, and much cleaner & less smelly. Both Oscar & me highly recommend this food, wet and dry.

All my cats love it

Dear Royal canin, All my cats love this. I wish you would do more deals so I can continiou to buy this. It is costing me a fortune for 3 BSH cats daily once a day, so I have been looking other brands. But, I think this is the best cat food I would recommend. Moist, digest, and comes out of the bag easier than any other. Please make more deals so I continiou to buy this! Thanks!
07/28/18 | Karen



My cats love this food

My old cat needs a light diet but having 2 cats they both eat the same food. I tried some other sensitive digest brands but they did like them very much. Then i discovered Royal Canin Digest Sensitive and they both love it.
02/07/17 | Toni Taylor

Works every time

Our rescue cat has a sensitive stomach and also tends to overeat due to his history. This product settles his tummy every time. He is often sick with other pet food but never with this. We took him off it before due to the expense but he started vomiting again and so he is back on it long term now. Its great that it is a pouch as he prefers wet food to dry.
02/07/17 | E J Matthews

Best food ever!

My cat is aged nearly 15 yrs. Recently noticed he is becoming more sensitive to wet foods he has been eating for years without any problem. Found a trial pack of 3 Digest Sensitive and gave it a try. Well I am very pleased I did, for Tigs loves it. It appears to have settled his stomach, no more sickness, thanks to this food. Will continue to buy more in the future.
06/26/16 | Debra

Hooray! it works!

My cat has IBS and this is amazing! took just about 2 days to have an effect on his system. Shame there is only one flavour. Looking for another to interchange with! No more truly messy litter trays!!!
06/22/16 | Frank Johnson

Constant diarrhoea cured!

My old cat had constant, very runny stools but was otherwise OK. The Digest sensitive food has instantly cured this. One sachet of other food results in the same old problem. Seems very good if a little expensive.

not good for my cat

Unfortunately my cat vomits on this food. I have tried her on other sensitive wet foods and she wouldn't eat them as she is very fussy and prefers dry food. However I was keen for her to eat wet food (due to potential health problems which can occur with dry) and eventually my vet gave her something she eats happily and doesn't make her ill - Royal Canin Sensitivity Control. Unfortunately you can't buy that one on Zooplus - it would be great if they started stocking it.
06/14/14 | Tessa

Absolutely superb

Couldn't be happier with the product or the service. My cat (a Birman) has a delicate stomach, and I give him this when he's going through a particularly sickly period. Super effective -- extremely gentle on his stomach, and he likes the taste too! Service is absolutely first rate as well -- incredibly quick delivery, and a very low price! Couldn't be happier -- nothing to complain about!!
06/08/14 | Helen Calderbank

Sensitive stomach

I have two sphynx cats and whatever I seemed to feed them usually came back up! This cat meat seems to suit them both. The jelly covered meat always made them sick so that's why I now buy the gravy option. FULL MARKS!
03/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

very satisfied

I tested tgushis product very carefully as one of my cats never got on well with sachets and would vomit them back up. He's fine with this one, though. Good product, recommended
11/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr


my two kitties are big fans! They start miaowing as soon as I open the cupboard. I give this paté as a Reward or treat but just 1 teaspoon per cat, 1 sachet is enough for 2-3 mini "meals". The bowls have never been so well cleaned!

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