11/22/19 | Gail

Gone in seconds

Thought I'd try these as we usually have greenwoods,opened the cans turned round,2 very interested cats and a Labrador looking just as eager,gone in seconds definitely buying again.
05/30/18 | Karen Thomson

Please restock single variety saver packs

This is a fantastic food but please restock in single variety packs again. There is only certain varieties that our cats will eat. Salmon and sardines seems to be the favourite.
04/05/18 | Linda Barnett

please re stock

wonderful salmon and baby sardines, however seems to to only come in a mixed pack now and my cat only eats this and 1 other. comes in a jelly and smells good enough to eat. please re stock
10/12/17 | Marion Sanger

My cat loves this food

From the second my cat hears the can being opened he can't wait to eat it. Cans are very easy to open and food easily removed. I've tried others from the range but this is the only ones he will eat.
06/09/14 | Leila

Another favourite

My cats are so fussy and there's only a few types of food they will eat but they absolutely love this, clean bowls every time! Great quality, almost looks good enough for me to eat!
07/26/13 | Anne Bond

No waste

My cat will only eat certain products and this is one of them. None of it is left and he really relishes his meal. Nuff said!

My Maine Coon LOVES this food

My 7 month old kitten has just tried the salmon and sardine and wolfed it down. It's normally difficult getting him to eat wet food as he is an Orijen kibble junkie, but not now! Great to see him enjoying his food so much
07/14/12 | Cazduncs

Looks and smells good enough to eat myself!!

My 2 Bengals already love the Carny mixed packs but I got these as a special weekend treat for them and they almost open the tin themselves! Bigger packs with better value would be great :)
06/10/12 | Rosie M

Happy Cats!

My two love this. I had been having trouble with my Bengal as she has a very sensitive stomach and a very fussy palate. But she scoffed this down, even pushing her way past our big ginger tabby!! And no vomit or sloppy toilet... So I'm happy and they're happy!

My cat's verdict - Delicious

My Blue Persian Gertie has been diagnosed with renal failure. I tried a number of low protein foods, most of which were rejected. This is definitely her favourite. No additives and pure fish.
06/01/08 | layla grant

Very posh!

This looks good enough to eat! my cats love it as a treat! real prawns lovely shreaded fish and jelly!.

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