05/05/19 | linda barnett

Single packs

Brilliant food but my cat loves the salmon one.

09/09/18 | Cassie Young

Please bring back the one variety packs

My three cats fly in as soon as they hear the can being opened...they know the difference between this sound and the sound of the Beef/Shrimp.They love the salmon and sardines but the other variety gives all three diarrhoea..I think there was one with snapper and this was great!

04/21/18 | Zoe

salmon and baby sardines

salmon and baby sardines all the way. Please bring them back

05/10/15 | Lucky

Mmmn Sardines!!

My cat loves the sardine variety. I only give it to her every now and then as a treat. It looks good and smells very fresh. The only reason I have given it afour star is because its not a complete food, however my cat gives it a 5 out of 5 >^^<