05/30/22 | Ritesh Rishi

10% tuna & salmon adds variety whilst keeping the food predominantly poultry

60% chicken, 29% chicken broth and only 10% fish so primarily poultry based, with the small amount of tuna and salmon adding variety. My cat loves this. Plus, the cans are recyclable.


Very Disappointed

Both my cats loved the Country Hunter pouches from this brand which are now discontinued. They are not keen on these tins at all due to it being the consistency of a very smooth watery pate. Will not buy again.

02/08/22 | Mariam

My cat absolutely loves it

My cat loves this food. I wanted him to go on raw diet but my vet was bit worried cause of the bacteria that is in raw meat. And then I run across natures menu. All the ingredients are raw and then sterilised, sugar free and grain free.

02/08/22 | Mariam

My cat loves it

My cat absolutely loves this food. I wanted to out him on raw diet but my vet said that won't be a good idea and then I saw naturesmenu. Everything there is natural, no added sugar and also grain free and the meat is being stressed. This is the best option if you want to give your cat raw food but are worried about the bacteria from raw meat. And when giving this food to your cat, there is no need to give them the dry granules. It's really healthy and good for your cat.

02/02/22 | Deb Thomas

New packaging food worse

Both cats been super happy with the nature menu pouches for ages. Without notice they’ve changed the pouches to tins. On contacting them they say it’s only the packaging that’s changed but it’s clearly not true as the picked had a gravy and wet every moist whisky this stuff is a dry pate. Kats hate it and it seems an inferior product as well as being more expensive as the quantity in the cans is less than in the pouches.


cats dislike

My cats loved the Country Hunter but really dislike this one and won't eat it at all. I wish companies wold stop changing foods.

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