Loves it and lost weight

My cat lost 400g over the course of a year on a combo of metabolic wet food and the weight reduction biscuits. She's still 6kg so will be eating this for some time to come! Just as well she loves it. My other cat tries to eat it too.


Cat loves it

My cat loves the food, there was no issue changing from whet he previously ate. He is also losing weight!

06/10/20 | Catherine

Fussy Cat, Loves it 😺

I had to change my boy's food from 'Urinary Care' to 'Metabolic/Urinary ' It took 8-9 weeks for him to change over last time but this Wet food & the Dry went down so well I could hardly believe it !! I changed over slowly because this stuff has a lot less calories so he needed time to get used the missing calories He is now steadily losing weight without crying for food which he did for 3 days in the beginning I'm very happy with the outcome & so it seems is my boy Cal

03/28/19 | Liu

Watch the ingredients!

There are meat and vegetable BY-PRODUCTS in this food, grains is the second ingredient which is not supposed for cats. There are many better wet foods for cats, choose carefully.


Good quality food

No problems adjusting to this product. Other cats try and eat it! Cat maintained, but not lost weight. Think its being lazy not the food.