12/13/21 | Sam Jenkins

Cat won't eat

My cat happy to lick the gravy but won't touch the meat at all

10/24/21 | Sam Jenkins

Not again

Got this for my cat as needs the mobility supplement but won't take medication. Cat will occasionally lick the gravy but will not eat the meat. The are very large bits, tried to cut or mash but still will just leave them

02/21/21 | Cheryl Grimes

My cat loves this :-)

My old boy Ted who's almost 20 was diagnosed with CKD last year. He also has bad arthritis. I initially fed him Royal Canin's Renal Diet, plus an arthritis supplement. He loved it, but went off it. So I thought I would try this and he loves it. It's a little more expensive than the Royal Canin Renal Diet, but I don't have to buy the supplement anymore. He's also put on quite a bit of weight as he's eating more so it's a win-win for me.

12/04/18 | Penny

Loves it

My 20yr old cat absolutely loves kd+Mobility. WIth other pouches, she just licks the gravy up, eating very little of the meat. But with kd+Mobility she's like a hungry tiger and I have to keep filling her bowl up.

09/04/18 | Maureen

Taste and texture

I have 2 cats and both hated the taste of this food and the texture, they would reluctantly eat a little if mashed with other food. Purchased 2 boxes so an expensive mistake.

11/09/17 | Val

My old cat loves this

I thought I would try this food as my 17 year old cat's kidneys aren't functioning so well these days, and she also has osteoarthritis, so it sounded perfect for her. Her appetite is not as good as it used to be either, so I wanted something she would really like. She loves this and licks up every scrap. I supplement it with dry food, so I will probably try the dry version of this as well. I hope she likes it as much as this!