05/15/22 | Elle

The only stuff our Bengal and Ragdoll will lap up

Having had our cats on raw diet when we were living overseas, finding the right type of meal proved to be hard until we found the Gourmet Perle Chef's Collection. I hate to say it but when I crack open a pack, it does make me salivate a tad bit as I think it's quite a delicious meal for our two cats. The Bengal will clean his bowl and beg for more and the Ragdoll will take his time to savour and eat. This is THE WINNER, defo. Highly recommended.
10/05/21 | Sarah Bell

Has something changed?

4 of my cats used to love gourmet perle, but over the last 6 months they are leaving more and more uneaten in their bowls and 1 cat will no longer eat the meat. Has something changed with the recipe recently? Some of the sachet meat does seem to be more sloppy when I dish it up. I'm now in the process of weaning them onto a different product because I'm wasting so much.

Cat food

Excellent value .My Cat is very satisfied with this food
07/20/21 | Andrea Jack

Would not recommend!

Have used this brand multiple times in the past but recently none of my cats (6 plus a stray) will eat it and I’ve discarded the full dishes after a couple of hours! They already will not eat Felix agail, this is yet another products that I’ve wasted loads of money on
03/26/21 | JANE JACKSON

Keeps going up and the mega box is half the size

Whe I first purchased these around 6 months ago it was 192 pouches for £47.89 the which made them approx 0.25p a pouch since then they have now halved the size and the price is £29.99 for 96 pouches making them 31p a pouch huge difference. Asda is currently cheaper in comparison, shame as I spent alot of money with Zooplus will have to look elsewhere now.
02/21/21 | Fatma Gulmen

My cats love them!

I’ve been buying this continuously for nearly a year now and it’s amazing! Saves me time and money. My cats love gourmet and my cats are happy how they’ve got different options to choose from. Really good.

Cat Food

My cat soiled waste smells when eating this food :
05/01/20 | Tess

Very good offer

The only pouch my cats would eat. I always alternate the flavours I give them and they love them all. Happy to get such a big box for a good price!
04/28/20 | Sue Burton

Lucy and Bobby Love it!

Both my cats love the food and the price is perfect too!
04/19/20 | Stephanie

Current Favourites

The Gourmet Perle Pouches are the current favourites of our two bengals. The meat comes in soft shredded and not too big pieces - and the food doesn’t have a very strong smell
04/14/20 | Anna


my cats love this food
03/27/20 | Vickie

All my kitties love this

Finally found one product that all three kitties will eat.
02/16/20 | Jen Hynes

Price comparison : (

The unit price for each pouch of Gourmet Perle (96 box at £29.99) is 31.2p yet a 12x box of the same product in Sainsbury’s (UK) is £3.70 is 30.8p per pouch. To buy the same number of pouches = £29.57, okay, it’s only a saving of 47p, but the principle is bulk buying is intended to save money, not cost more?
01/13/20 | Sharolyn Egan

Be very careful -- difference between picture and contents

If you order the 96 pack meat selection -- look at the photo of it. The picture of the box shows it contains 24 pouches each of chicken and of turkey. Now read the words of the description of the product. It is different -- no chicken / no turkey -- just beef and chicken/beef. Deceptive. Be careful
01/09/20 | C Gray


I’ve been buying this for years for my two really fussy cats but I think they’ve changed the recipe now because they won’t touch it now and I’ve not long bought two lots of 96. I’m so mad because don’t these people realise that cats can be very fussy!!!!!! I’m so disappointed now because I don’t know what I can feed them after spending so long trying to find one that they both like I have to start from scratch. 🤬🤬🤬
11/26/19 | Derek S Smith

Not impressed No STARS !!!!!!

on sale the box clearly states Turkey but is not on list of ingredients on the box no mention of beef but is in 50% of all pouches extremely misleading
11/05/19 | Jurgita Juodyte

Great value for moneyI

I think it's amazing price. You can't find anywhere cheaper. My cats loves this product. And it will last for long as well.
10/23/19 | Danielle

Brilliant cost

Brilliant cost for money, i have 3 cats who love this.
10/02/19 | Peter

I loved it!

Had it with rice. Awesome texture
12/11/17 | Eileen Shears

Penny’s Choice

My cat is very fussy. This is the only pack where she likes all of the flavours. I cannot always buy it in our local supermarkets so it is a huge relief to be able to buy it from here.

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