06/12/22 | Hannah Nice


What have you done with the Feringa I have been buying for years. The cats hate it and even the dogs walk by! This is unheard of

05/23/22 | Patricia


Like everyone else said, they unfortunately changed the recipe. My cats don’t like it anymore and their poop is almost white from it 😬

05/23/22 | Lucja Julia Grime

Recipe has changed

Oh dear, how much I was worried that something was wrong with my cat! But I can see that the recipe has changed and cats just do not touch it anymore, such a shame! My cat will eat everything but Feringa is no longer his favourite :(

05/14/22 | jayne ward

Shouldn't have changed recipe...

My 3 cats all loved Feringa, never left a bit. Since they changed the recipe/label none of them like it. I buy 400g tins in bulk and stocked up when it came back in stock. Now I have around 40+ cans left which nobody will eat. Even the 2 strays we feed won't touch it. It smells nasty too. Won't be buying again

05/13/22 | Monika

New recipe!

Recipe has changed and my cats won't eat it now. Such a shame!!! Not sure why they changed it but it definitely isn't what it used to be.

05/05/22 | Sarah

Recipe has changed cats no longer like it

I agree with everyone else, the recipe for 3 of the classic meat flavours has changed. There's some kind of new recipe and the meat is now very dry and the colour has changed. I have two cats and the one that will eat anything doesn't want to eat this anymore. We've been buying this brand for years so I'm really disappointed that we're going to have to stop buying it.



I've been buying this food for ages and this was one of my cats favourite food. So as always I've purchased few multipacks. On the website there was information that feringa changed the outside labels but nothing else. Well - that's not true. The food itself got different colour now, it is all grey and look disgusting. Consistency changed as well - it is mushy and more like pate. One of my cats after trying the new version end up with diarrhea, the other one refused to even try it.

04/21/22 | Katie

Cat is not happy

We had feringa trays before and my cat loved it. So thought i change to bigger cans but the food is very very soft, looks all the same and my cat is only eating it because he has to. :( Would not buy again.

04/21/22 | Karolina

Change For The Worse.

Very sad to say that Feringa has changed completely the recepies, from 5 different varieties that I've ordered, my cat touched only pulled turkey edition, which visibly has more muscle meat and a nice smell. The rest unfortunately is more offal based, very quickly becoming gray-greenish mush, that smells like nothing, my cat preferred to be hungry than eat this. I'm very dissapointed, as she was eating only Feringa for over 2 years, and now we have to look for something else.

04/19/22 | Tanya

Sadly not the same as it used to be

I've been waiting for Feringa Classic to come back as my cat doesn't like the Feringa Pure. Ordered a whole case of 24 cans of this new one (the Lamb and Beef) and the food looks completely different to the previous Classic food (same as previous reviewer has pointed out), and my cat will not touch it. Complete waste of 24 cans of food, and money :-(

04/18/22 | Beth

Different label, also different food

What happened to this food? Used to be the only brand my fussy senior cat would touch, now he would rather starve himself than eat this. Every flavour is now grey sludge and has tough bits of meat in that are very questionable. Having to shop around again to find another brand that he'll eat!

04/17/22 | Nina

Change the recipe

Very disappointed with the change of packaging/recipe. It's definitely not the same food my 4 cats use to love it, now one of them get sick and won't eat it anymore, the other 3 will have it only if they are starving.

04/03/22 | Deb Marshall

Grey mush

What on earth have they done to this food? Used to be decent, firm with appetizing aroma and colour. Now it's just a grey/brown slush, and every flavour looks exactly the same. Going back to Animonda Carny!

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