04/24/22 | Adele Hawksworth

coffee spoon is the answer

At first I struggled to get it all out then used an old long handled coffee spoon and now have no problems at all apart from I cant do it fast enough because they love it so much!

02/26/22 | Jodie

Hard to get hold of, but it’s all she will eat.

I made the mistake of giving Tasty Shreds Farm Collection to Umbra. It is all she will eat (along with JWB dry). You give her something else and either she refuses to eat it or spits it on the floor. I’m happy she has found a food she loves but the last 2/3 months it’s been incredibly hard to get hold of the Farm Selection. I used to buy two boxes of the jumbo packs a month, but I’ve not been able to get them in ages and the 12 pouches are becoming harder and harder to get.

12/31/21 | Irene Riley


Waste of money I have 4 cats and 4 cats didn't like. More gravy in the sachet and my hands than in the sachet.

12/13/21 | Philip Peter van Bergen

Rip off

Half the amount as other same-priced Felix products and almost impossible to get out of the sachet. About 15% is wasted. Cats only eat about half.

07/11/21 | Jen

Annoying unfortunately

Older and younger cat loves this felix above all the others, reluctant to give them a low quality food but they've become so fussy and one by one refusing to eat the better quality foods. This is definately their favorite of the felix. There's a few cat foods out there that are quite annoying to get out of the packet, but nothing like this one - end up wasting about 1/3 of the 100g sachet easily unless you scrape it out with a knife which gets all over your hands boo. Cats happy, humals less so

07/05/21 | Geraldine Bartlett

Felix tasty shreds

Firstly I must say our cat loves this variety of food. Unfortunately we are struggling trying to get all the food out and seem to be wasting some. Is this a common observation or is it just us?

03/10/21 | James Nisbett

Tigger the cat approves

Our cat (Tigger) loves this and hoovers it up like its her last meal. Price on zooplus is not the most competitive but its good to know i can get it here rather than risking the punch ups and usual agro in the local ASDA

01/03/21 | Karen

20g less

I paid the extra for a new tasting felix as mine has got bored of the same old. He really liked it but was left hungry as most pouches are 100g. Had to put two out a time. Worked out too expensive and I felt ripped off. Won’t be buying again


My cats love it!

I have one extremely fussy cat and this is the only wet food they'll eat! The gravy is super thick which is great as it means they eat it all, and they love the big strips of meat. I think it smells great too, and doesn't stink of cat food like other brands and other Felix food we have tried. Thumbs up from me!


A big no from our 2 cats

One cat took one look & had one sniff of this before walking away. The other one threw it up within a few seconds of eating it. Won’t buy again


Between meal treat

My Maine coon absolutely loved this as a snack. It is a smaller serving than other Felix foods which works as an extra to his normal feeding. It is harder to remove as the gravy is thicker, but the advantage was that he ate it all. I am about to reorder.


Waste of money

Hard to get out of packet and my cat just licked all gravy and would not eat the chunks. Keep up with sensations in jelly.


My cats love it

Yes it is hard to get out of the packet so I ended up using a fork and then had no problems. My cats love it, always clear their bowls.


Won't buy again

Have 6 cats and 4 loved this food but I won't buy it again as sachets are small and the contents are far too thick so that each time I had to use a spoon to get it out of each .

06/01/20 | Carole

Wasted food

My 4 cats have loved felix cat food since kittens. Tried this as couldn’t get hold of felix sensation in gravy. It’s a nightmare to get out of the packet you need a fork to scrape it out. It’s also a smaller quantity than most sachets so you can’t afford to leave any in the packet. The cats loved the first box so brought the larger box and they now will not eat the meat but just lick the gravy dry. Bring back felix sensation!!!

05/17/20 | Emma Cox

Thumbs Up!

My cat loves these! Cheaper on Zooplus than my local pet store. Weirdest thing is that the entire thing is written in another language when the box came. (・o・)


Surprisingly real to look at

Tasty shreds have been enjoyed by all my 3 cats, the first time I put it down,it got woofed back so fast, I thought I hadn't fed them. Empty plates are what all us Cat owners love. It actually looks great, meaty strips in a thick gravy. Will buy again.

05/13/20 | Kathy Richards

Smaller portions!

Tried this for my elderly fussy Siamese that usually has other Felix pouches. Was really tricky squeezing it all out of pouch and had to use fork to scrape out which is a bit of a faff. Thought the portion size looked small and when I checked it was 80g instead of 100g. RIP off, won’t be buying again.

05/05/20 | Mei

Tasty but messy to take out

My cats really like it but it is a bit messy to take out of the packet.

05/04/20 | Jonathan


The cats loved the gravy but left the chunks ... however much I chopped them up! Are the chunks REAL meat ... or formed processed stuff? I do seem to be getting more luck with the soups ... so it looks like dry food and soups is the way now.