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JR Farm Forest & Meadow Secrets Pack

Product description

JR Farm Forest & Meadow Secrets Pack 3 5
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Product description

3 different raw foods for rabbits and all small pets in a set. High fibre content for optimal digestion and all-round good health. A healthy snack for every day.
The JR Farm Forest & Meadow Secrets Pack contains three raw feeds for rabbits and small pets. The fragrant grasses, leaves and herbs are not only tasty, they also have a high fibre content for healthy digestion, boosting their all-round health. A natural change to your pet's regular diet.

The healthy JR Farm Forest Secrets crude feed is a selected forest mixture with many minerals and trace elements!
With JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow, delicious raw meadow grasses, herbs and flowers are on the menu.
JR Farm Berry Leaves contain fruity leaves from strawberry, blackberry and raspberry plants. These provide a tasty alternative to the usual herbs. The leaves may have small thorns on them but they do not pose a danger to rodents. They also consume thorns in the wild and support your pet's natural diet.

The JR Farm Forest & Meadow Secrets Pack at a glance:

  • Contains 3 raw foods: JR Farm Forest s Secret 100g, JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow 150g and JR Farm Berry Leaves 100g
  • Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits and all small pets
  • High fibre content: can boost the digestion and generally make your pet feel better
  • Wild-like nutrition: select ingredients for a balanced diet that's similar to what they might eat in the wild
  • A special forest blend: with essential vitamins and trace elements
  • Meadow grasses and herbs
  • Fruity leaves from strawberry, blackberry and raspberry plants: a nice change to the regular herbs and grasses


JR Farm Forest s Secret:
Birch leaves 38%, hazelnut leaves, stinging nettle roots, hazelnut wood, mushrooms 5%.
JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow:
Nettle, wheat, pea flakes, raspberry leaves, broad bean flakes, melissa, marigolds, parsley, strawberry leaves, hazelnut leaves, carrots, hazelnut wood, tomato, peppers, red clover, basil, stinging nettle roots, zucchini, sunflower petals 1%, cucumbers, daisies 1%, rose blossoms 0.7%, cornflowers, mallow.
JR Farm Berry Leaves:
Blackberry leaves 41%, raspberry leaves 36%, strawberry leaves 20%, rose blossoms.

Analytical constituents:
JR Farm Forest s Secret:
Protein 15.1%, fat 5.2%, fibre 17.3%, ash 6.9%, moisture 9.9%.
JR Farm Herbs of the Meadow:
Protein 15.4%, fat 3%, fibre 16.1%, ash 7.8%.
JR Farm Berry Leaves:
Protein 12.4%, fat 3.2%, fibre 19.5%, ash 9.1%.

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
Mixed with hay or other herbs, or additionally for daily hay ration.


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